Monday, 18 February 2008

Bad Love - Episode 14

This episode is quite amusing. The love triangle has now turned into a foursome. The Jo-ann look-a-like came into the equation! How? Read on to find out...

To pick up where we left off in episode 13, Lee Sin-yeong (the Kim Jo-ann look-a-like) was just about to kiss Kang Yong-gi (Gwon Sangu, handsome Chairman of Daehan Construction). Yong-gi happens to catch a glimpse of zombie-like Na In-jung (Yi Yowon) and he immediately goes after her, breaking off the kiss.

Darn, I almost kissed her?

When Yong-gi catches up with In-jung and tries to explain, she brushes him away before he could say anything. He then says to her "I'm getting tired of you. I don't want to care for you anymore."
(Both Liz and Orchid let out a loud cheer at this point. Yes! It's about time Yong-gi!)

Yong-gi is quite fed-up with In-jung. The woman loves the man, yet she feels guilty and will not let herself love him. This has been going on for quite some time.

That night, Sin-yeong and Lee Su-hwan (Kim Seong-su) have dinner with the late Jo-ann's mother. President Kim has only praises for Yong-gi. She thinks fondly of him and told the pair that Yong-gi treated her daughter very well.

President Kim speaks fondly of Yong-gi

The next day, Yong-gi and In-jung meet at the lifts on the way up to their office. Sin-yeong appears at this point, and Yong-gi taunts In-jung by asking her to go up first while he stays back to wait for Sin-yeong and rides up the lift with her.
(Liz and Orchid let's out another *yay*) In-jung sulks as she sees all this, but then again, she always looks like she's sulking.

Yong-gi: Why don't you go ahead. I'll stay back
and flirt with Sin-yeong for a bit. See ya.

Yong-gi: Since you are interested in me, why don't you try to get me?
: What if I really fall for you Chairman Kang? What if I get hurt?

: If I fall for you, then you
won't get hurt.

Yong-gi decides to visit one of their construction sites in the city. It is quite hilarious to see all four of them - Yong-gi, Su-hwan, In-jung and Sin-yeong going in one car.

Happy Hour: Ex-lovers outing to a construction site

At the construction site, Su-hwan teaches Yong-gi
a thing or two about the construction business

At the site, Su-hwan reprimands Yong-gi. He smugly reminds Yong-gi that they almost lost funding for these projects due to the Samcheok delay.

At the busy construction site, both women were walking together. They try to avoid a worker carrying long steel pipes, but Sin-yeong looses her footing which caused both women to fall. Yong-gi noticed both women on the ground and he went over to In-jung to ask "Are you ok?", when he saw she was all right, he then saw that Sin-yeong had fallen and twisted her ankle.

Both women fall...who will Yong-gi rescue?

Yong-gi picks Sin-yeong up while
In-jung wished he'd helped her instead

Yong-gi takes Sin-yeong to a nearby pharmacy and helps her with her injuries. Sin-yeong is taken in and can't keep her eyes off him. She is falling for him.

Sin-yeong is starting to fall for charming Yong-gi

It really looks like an ex-lovers' outing. In-jung and Su-hwan ended up walking together at the construction site. Su-hwan acts gallant and selfless when he's around In-jung. He tells her that he has done her much wrong in the past and only wants to see her happy now. In respond to that, In-jung tells Su-hwan that she only loves one man, and it's not him. Su-hwan sees her off as In-jung goes back to the office in a cab. But right after that, Su-hwan gets one of his "lung attacks" and collapses. In-jung brings him to the hospital.

Su-hwan gets a much needed oxygen fix while In-jung looks on

At the hospital, In-jung and Su-hwan exchange a brief "moment" when Su-hwan comes to. Su-hwan's mother visits him and she spots In-jung.

Su-hwan's mother puts in a good word for her son to the woman she knows her son loves dearly.

Su-hwan's mother confesses to In-jung...

I forced my son to marry for money, not love. It was because of me that Su-hwan could not be with you 5 years ago. I was in prison and Mr Kang promised to take care of things only if Su-hwan will stay by Joo-ran's (his wife back then) side. So he had to leave you. It was all my fault.

Now, is In-jung confused? Will she see Su-hwan in a new light? Will she go back to him?

Later, In-jung tells Chansuk there is only one man she loves...Kang Yong-gi. But she wants to push him away...she wants him to forget her.
(Why? I have absolutely no clue. This woman does not make sense to me.)

President Kim (Kim Jo-ann's mother) calls Yong-gi just to say "hi". During the conversation, she tells Yong-gi that she is very happy as Su-hwan has introduced her to a girl who looks just like her daughter. Yong-gi puts two and two together and realises Su-hwan brought Sin-yeong in on purpose to distract and seduce him.

Sin-yeong on the other hand, is enjoying the ride and confesses to Su-hwan that she is also starting to fall for the handsome Chairman. Yong-gi walks in on the scheming pair just when Sin-yeong was asking Su-hwan permission if she could fall in love with Yong-gi.

Yong-gi: Why do you need to ask him if you could like me?

Yong-gi is now on to Su-hwan! He knows the latter's plan. Yong-gi tells Su-hwan that he might just give this Sin-yeong woman a chance.

Rivals in the game of love: Yong-gi tells Su-hwan
to brace himself
as he might just let In-jung go
and put her love to the test.
Who will In-jung choose?

The next night, Sin-yeong joins Yong-gi for drinks at the bar. She makes him drive her home (remember Sin-yeong and In-jung are neighbours). In-jung happened to step out of her apartment at the point when Yong-gi was walking back to his car, and Sin-yeong was opening her front door. When Sin-yeong saw In-jung, she took advantage of the situation and quickly goes over to Yong-gi and suggests that he come in for a nightcap.

Sin-yeong knows that Yong-gi still likes In-jung but the latter does not like him back. Sin-yeong is aware that Yong-gi wants to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. She invites Yong-gi in to her apartment for a drink right in front of In-jung.

Honey...come in for a drink ok?

Action speaks louder than words: Yong-gi plays along
and goes with Sin-yeong without saying a word

Na In-jung is noticeably jealous

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Anonymous said...

as much as i love this drama. i don't feel the love between the two leads. i mean i see the jealousy, the anger, and the frustration, but where is the love?

hjn said...

Make up your mind. then stick to it to the ends of the earth!
- is exactly the lines for the characters here.


lisa said...

to anonymous

i know how you feel , in-jung deserves this...i mean....if she didn't act like that then they problably would had been

but i sure hope they give us a happy ending

Orchid said...

@anonymous: Yeah i agree...there should be underlying love between the leads. Whatever love or passion there was in the beginning, i don't see it now. It doesn't help that In-jung walks around lifeless and without expression most of the time. I don't think she is a good female lead at all! And that's vital for a successful drama.

Arin said...

honestly, im tired of the melodrama.
and you're right anonymous.
i don't see the love either!
both of them are making it so hard now. It's now on Yong-gi, while In-jung is still, as usual, playing hard-to-get.

anyway, now that the mother had confessed it all, i feel sorry back for Su-Hwan. It's on and off! lol.

Anonymous said...

you earn my respect for keeping up w/ this drama for so long. as hot as kwon sang woo is, in-jung is soooooo annoying that she kinda overpowered everything else. sucks.

Orchid said...

@cohoctronho i know what you mean. just watched episode 15. kwon sang woo is hot. in-jung is insane... ;-)

fraulein said...

Aiyo Sinyeong was downright brazen in this episode. And Yong-gi’s dogged devotion is to die for, he cannot forget In-jung, no matter what.

I totally agree this drama is getting very long drawn and draining. No wonder it had bad ratings in korea.

That first pic is cute ! He looks like a small boy who got caught in the act doing something he shouldn’t have !

For once, Joanne’s mother speaks well (fondly) of Yong-gi and says he’s very responsible/stedfast in love.

Anyone else thinks girls in high heels at a construction site = disaster waiting to happen ?

Yay… Yong-gi knows it’s a game hatched by Suhwan is on his guard, he decides to play along though.

KSW gets more and more suave by the moment. * faints *

Orchid said...


"KSW gets more and more suave by the moment. * faints *"

Yes yes!

And In-jung gets more and more irritating...

yay said...

In Jung is so irritating!
I get it. She wants to show Yong-Gi she's miserable and scared but she shouldn't be!

Yong-Gi freaking chased after her bus after getting hit by a car, with a bleeding forehead i might add, AND was willing to leave everything behind for her. GAH.

Also, In-Jung could look a little bit more human rather than a corpse with oversize clothes.

fraulein said...

Yah, she is irritating. Ep 15 is testament.

Liz said...

I know I've said this before, but I wanna say it again. I wanna slap In-jung!!!!

Can she please put on another expression apart from the zombified look she walks around with?

When is someone going to die?

Joe said...

Haha.. Why is she being hated by girls so much? I'm a man so I don't understand it.. I wonder if she's also being hated in Korea. My mom seemed ok with her.

hanie said...

thank god for your episode by episode recap coz i already gave up watching bad love... with injung and her zombie expression, it almost give me nervous breakdown.. *sigh*


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