Monday, 11 February 2008

Big Bang receives love from around the world

The Big Bang boys will be receiving love from around the world this Valentine’s Day thanks to a project jointly organised by the BIG BANG Fansite and yg_bigbang@live journal community.

A place where Big Bang fans meet (above & below).
What are you waitin' for? - Pic credit:

Pic credit: juh7uh@BBLJ

BIG BANG Fansite editor momovip and her team have garnered worldwide support from fellow Big Bang VIPs (that’s what the fans are called) to participate in a picture collage that is reportedly sitting in the YG Entertainment office (the talent agency the quintet is under) as I write this.

Fans from all around the world "make up" the Valentine's gift.
Whoa, what support. - Pic credit:

A love note accompanying the gift reads:

(Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with happiness and love)

, ^^
(Big Bang, we love you)

Countries that are represented: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom and the US of A!

This is the first official project undertaken by BIG BANG Fansite. Last year, Momovip took the initiative to send Christmas presents to the boys on behalf of the fans.

Big Bang’s Christmas gift

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Anonymous said...

I luv Momo
I'm on that project so excited
cant wait to hear something when BB receives it
U rock Momovip

Liz said...

Hello anonymous, wow, so you were part of the project, huh? Good for you :-).

Anyone else visiting who was a part of this project as well? Don't be shy, say hi :-)

momo_love_siwon said...

thank you..thank you...and thank YOU!!!!!

my love + VIPs Support = BIG HEART....

hahahah... :)

Arin said...

erm, liz.
i was! lol.
and am not shy xD

yeah, i hope BB could see that ASAP =)

thanks a lot momo!
yeah, like they say,
u rock! ^^

Orchid said...

such a nice gift.

Momo and team...i hope you guys get to meet Big Bang one of these days. And of course attend one of their concerts!


who? said...

DBSK came here. SuJu and FT Island (i heard) are coming here as well. Big Bang???

Liz said...

Ah Arin, a Big Bang fan then? Yeah, let's hope the boys will make it to our shores one day.

§◘장헤령◘◘bbvipz◘§ said...

hey!! omg!! momo!!
i saw tht !!! lmao..
i was thr too lmao...
thanks a lot to momo....
Mvips show some love 4em!! muahahaha


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