Monday, 25 February 2008

I wonder if

... Hyori realises that she's the face of LpJ Hair Salon in Beijing? Probably not.

I was making a beeline to the ice-cream shop for my root beer float fix when a sales assistant from the adjacent hair salon shoved this booklet in my face.

"Let It Show with LPJ: Since. 1996 LP&J hair salon,
new trendsetter in Korea has created lots of new hairstyle
and successfully become famous hair salon too.
In addition to Korean famous hairdressers and
Chinese advance hairdressers who worked
in LP&J hair salon is waiting for you.
Welcome to the new branch LP&J hair salon in Xidan.
Welcome everyone who wants to experiment new creative,
fashionable Korean hairstyle."

Well, at least there are no spelling mistakes... *hee hee*

Hmm, there's Hyori and Gong Yoo? Liz thinks Kim Ok-bin
and Jang Hyuk are in there too, but we're not sure.
Can you spot other Hallyu stars?

Okay, so I just might make an appointment with LpJ for my next haircut since they seem K-popped and all. ;p

Empas News quotes K-popped! on Lee Hyori

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Liz said...

Hee hee, cute brochure. What does LP&J stand for? Also, how does one become an advance hairdresser? :-P

Rooster said...

@Liz: I don't know, it doesn't say. Maybe it just sounds hip, like JYP. Ha ha

jane said...

upon reading what the brochure says (had to read it a few times in order for me to understand -_-) it's a popular/famous salon in korea that branched out to china. they probably did all the krn celebs hair that're featured in the brochure.
so i'm pretty sure they got permission to use all their pixs.
4rm what i can make out, some of the ppl are jun do yeon,song yoon ah, the chick 4rm goong, jo han sun, & chae jung ahn in the 2nd pix. need better pix to clarify the rest!^^

Anonymous said...

well, at least the stars look good :)
i think there are errors to dat brochure; shouldn't it be 'Welcome everyone who wants to experiment new creative,
fashionable Korean hairstyles.' or 'Welcome everyone who wants to experiment a new creative,
fashionable Korean hairstyle.' just saying :p it just bothers me sometimes.

varms said...

Um well, things from China tend to cute engrish things written somewhere... I think they have permission to use it too... One of those Lee Hyori pics are from Vidal Sassoon.

ladida said... hair stylists...i want them in my neighborhood. Speaking of hairstyles, I need a trim

DieuAn said...

They sure are K-popped, I wish my mother was, than I wouldn't need to worry if my hair turns out badly...


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