Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Kim Ok-bin is leading lady in Park Chan-wook’s new flick

It has been revealed today (Feb 12) that Over the Rainbow actress Kim Ok-bin will be the female lead in director Park Chan-wook’s (Old Boy) sexy vampire horror movie entitled Bat.

Going Bat-y too: Kim Ok-bin signs up for
Park Chan-wook's latest project

Kim will star opposite award-winning actor Song Kang-ho in the movie, which reportedly has many explicit sex scenes.

In the flick, Song plays a surgeon who accidentally turns into a vampire who craves blood, sex and love. The film will start lensing at the end of March.

So does this mean Kim Ok-bin will shed her clothes for the camera?

Source: Yonhap News & Variety Asia Online
Pic credit: YonhapNews

Park Chan-wook hunts down female lead for Bat

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PrincelyLuna said...

mmm ... i'm not too excited with the choice of Kim Ok Bin as the leading lady. so far, have not been impressed by her acting. if there's really going to such explicit sex scenes such as those in Lust Caution, i hope she knows what she's going to get herself into ... *thinking of what happened to the deceased Lee Eun Joo*.

Liz said...

I guess it's a "make or break" role. Tang Wei won the gamble, don't know if it will happen for Kim Ok-bin.

I've only seen Ok-bin in the drama Over the Rainbow. She was OK.

The other day, I saw her dancing at the 2006 Mnet Countdown (it was shown on TV during the CNY holidays). And man, she looked so pissed, like she wanted to be every else except dancing on that stage. That was such a weird performance.

joojoo said...

I'm not impressed at all by Kim Okbin.. like the kid of actress who only has a pretty face... I mean she's mediocre.. but let's see.
This is really a make or break to her career... And I cant wait for the movie.. I'm a fan of Dir. Park Chanwook.. 0_0

who? said...

i've seen her in over the rainbow as well. but i wasnt that impressed. one thing tho, she IS a cutie. her body's not bad as well hehe
but how BAD can korean movies get? so far the 'bad'dest one i saw was April Snow (Son Yeh-Jin and Bae Yong-Joon)... sexy vampire story, eh? hmmmmmm this is the dude who directed I'm a Cyborg but that's OK right? ok then i'm setting my expectations as low as possible

PrincelyLuna said...

Park Chan Wook is also one of my favourite Korean directors and i've immensely enjoyed all his movies that i've watched ... well ... except for Cyborg ... and that's because i can't stand Bi!! and i love Song Kang Ho .. that alone is sufficient to entice me to watch the whatever movie!!

Clammy said...

Well, at least the sex scenes will include a pretty face and body! ha ha!

invisibelle said...

This is totally a popseoulish kind of thing to say, but whoa, her face does not match her body in that pic, it's a totally different color. gross


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