Friday, 8 February 2008

Kim Sun-ah reunites with MLSS co-star in Girl Scouts

Kim Sun-ah reunites with her My Lovely Samsoon co-star Na Moon-hee (the lady who played Hyun Bin's mother in MLSS) in her latest movie "Girl Scouts". The movie also stars Lee Gyeong-sil and Kim Eun-joo.

Kim Su-na (left) and her My Lovely Sam-soon co-star
Na Moon-hee in "Girl Scouts"

Kim Su-na who is a natural when it comes to comedy plays the leader of the all-girl team who join effort to catch the person who swindled them. Thus the "Bongchon 3-dong Girl Scouts" was formed.

Bongchon 3-dong Girl Scouts

Okay, this sounds all good and fun, but i do wish Kim Su-na will reunite with her other MLSS co-star Hyun Bin in a movie. ;-)

Visit the movie's official website:

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Janet said...

that grandmother was also her co-star from the movie S-diary. She played Kim Sun Ah's mother... she was hilarious, as always!

yoereum said...

ooohhh... hope to see this movie soon...

i really love her.. she's so naturally funny..

Coco said...

Just love her...she is very funny.
Can't wait to see this!

Dottie said...

Welcome back Kim Sun-Ah ssi!

Robyn said...

Oh she's just great, I adore her! I'd love to see her with Hyun Bin again too - they were so good together in MLSS.


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