Monday, 4 February 2008

Kwon Sang Woo - first-time villain

One of Korea's finest actors, Kwon Sang Woo exclaims that his next movie "Destiny" (or Fate) marks a turning point in his acting career. In the movie directed by Kim Hae Gwon, Kwon plays a villain for the very first time. The character, Jo Cheol Jung is a cold, ambitious and ruthless man who heartlessly betrays even his friends.

Jo and his minions: Kwon Sang-woo plays evil mobster
Jo Cheol Jung in his new movie "Destiny"

Can pretty boy Kwon carry off such a cold, heartless, character convincingly? Labeled the king of melodrama, Kwon has shown us he can portray a man in love, struggling with various kind of tragedy in 'Stairway to Heaven', 'Sad Sonata' and the current KBS drama 'Bad Love'. I would say he does this almost effortlessly and oh so convincingly. He can also make you laugh till your sides ache in comedies such as 'My Tutor Friend', 'Almost Love' and 'Love, so Divine'. Physically fit, Kwon was also in the action-thriller 'Running Wild'. In 'Running Wild' he acted alongside Yoo Ji-tae and played a burnt out, disheveled homicide detective - a far cry from his usual clean cut image.

Can you hate my handsome mug please...

Being handsome and likeable comes effortless for Kwon Sang-woo. Being a villain is another story. It's his dream as an actor to challenge himself with this shift. Will Kwon succeed in making you despise and hate evil chain-smoker Jo Cheol Jung? In all his movies, you've been rooting for him to get the the challenge for him, is to make you hate the powerful mobster.

"Destiny" (Sukmyeong - 숙명)
will be released in the first half of 2008.

Pics credit: Newsen
Source: Newsen (translated by Friend of Soompi, TY_KSW)

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Shirtless Kwon Sang Woo poses for Destiny

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fraulein said...

Is it true sang-wu oppa was linked to a mafia in real life during his 2.5 yr hiatus? I thought i recall reading it somewhere. Maybe that was provided some inspiration for this film.

Will anticipate it eagerly, nevertheless ; )

fraulein said...

Oops, I mean

"Maybe that provided some inspiration for this film"

Orchid said...

Maybe you read it here on K-popped! ;-)

Yeah Fraulein, a local mobster threatened Kwon Sang-woo back in February 2007. They tried to force him to attend a promotional event in Tokyo.

Read more about it here:
Kwon Sang-woo files suit against former crime boss

meiruo_chan said...

In Running Wild he played different character than his role in dramas. But I like that change. Oh, k-popped did you watch him in Make It Big? He's hilarious too.

Orchid said...

nope, i have not seen "Make it Big".

ladida said...

Nice. This is a good opportunity to prove his acting versatility. :)Plus I luv a good gangster movie. My all time faves: Scarface, The Godfather I & II, Goodfellas. And then of course there is Internal Affairs, The Departed, etc.

blinkable said...

yea Make It Big is jus silly *LOL* Oh that pic of him standing in front of everyone is sooo freaking handsome *wipe drool* And he alreadi have the gangster look *haha* He can play any character he wants and I will still support him ;)


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