Saturday, 16 February 2008

Lee Yo-won's graduation day

Lee Yo-won graduates at the age of 28

Lee Yo-won graduated from Dankuk University on the 15th February, 2008.

Due to her busy acting schedule, she could not study full time. Lee Yo-won debuted in the KBS drama Kkokji Tough Guy's Love 꼭지 in 1997. Since then, she has been either busy with her career or family. After her first drama, she then began to star in movies such as "
Attack The Gas Station", "Please Take Care of the Cat" and KBS drama Blue Mist.

I've finally made it!

Lee then married professional golfer Park Jin Woo in January 2003 and stayed abroad for 2 years. She returned to Korea in 2005 and resumed her acting career.

She celebrated her comeback by working really hard that year on the SBS drama Fashion 70's and the movie Gwang-tae, Gwang-shik’s Brother. She also worked on the movie Splendid Holidays which attracted 7.2 million viewers thus marking a very successful comeback.

Lee continued her success with the hit SBS medical drama Surgeon Bong Dal Hee last year. Her most recent role as a melodramatic heroine in Bad Love though, has not been well received.

File pic: Lee Yo-won and her pro golfer husband
Park Jin Woo with their daughter.
Pic taken several years ago.

Despite juggling a hectic acting career and family life (husband and daughter), tenacious Lee Yo-won is still adamant on getting her degree and finally graduates after 9 years of part-time studying.



Source & pics credit: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

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Clammy said...

Juyuso Seubgyuk-sageun is "Attack The Gas Station" not Robbing the gas station. Well it's really An attack on the gas station but the english title is "Attack The Gas Station" And wow I can't believe that's the same girl! She's my age. BTW, I HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie. It's really hilarious! Especially Yu Oh-Seong (Chingoo). I pop this movie in sometimes to re-watch just when I'm bored.

Orchid said...

thanks for the correction, clammy. who would've knew a movie with a title like "Attack The Gas Station" would be good. upon your recommendation, i'll keep a look-out for this movie.

Anonymous said...

9 years ..part time study... thats long time

inquinn said...

yea good to know that she managed to keep her interest for 9 long years. under normal circumstance she would have ended up with Masters and PhD.

Joe said...

The Korean title of the movie is literaly 'attacking the gas station' and I forgot whether they robbed the gas station or just 'attacked' it in the movie. Anyway, I thought they robbed the gas station and 'attacking the gas station' was a bit strange.. who would 'attack' a gas station? But I just checked the plot and they really 'attacked' the gas station.

Clammy said...

Well it's more of an occurrence which is why I'd say "An Attack on the gas station" rather than attacking the gas station as if it's happening right now. Anyways, yeah they do rob the gas station, but they literally just go to attack it... twice... out of boredom... It's pretty funny.

meiruo_chan said...

Congrats to her. At least she finish her studies. That was hella long! 9 years.....for a degree! Better than nothing right?

fraulein said...

Congrats to her = ) There seems to be lots of news about her lately, not that i am complaining, hee hee...thanks, k-popped !

Wow, balancing an acting schedule with studies and a family is commendable.

Hmm, I wonder if she invited KSW to the ceremony?

Liz said...

Congrats to Lee Yo-won. Glad she isn't walking around like a zombie on graduation day.

fraulein said...

LOL at Liz's comment, I know what u mean.. u're referring to her Injung character, arent you ? ; )

intzik said...

the best... i thought lee yo won is still single,, i admire her for that... knowing about the movie bad love,,, she reallly sacrificed a lot but still fate rules... amazing one.. aja

kryztl_12 said...

I love you Lee Yo Won!!

Anonymous said...

Im your no.1 fan


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