Wednesday, 27 February 2008

New Laneige model struts her stuff

The Korean cosmetics brand that has a very French sounding name Laneige is boasting a new model for 2008. She has a doll face, milky-white complexion but is not very tall. Who is she?

If you read Liz's entry last month, then you'd know that Song Hye-kyo is the new face of
Laneige. Here are the results of her first photo shoot for the cosmetics company.

Pixie Song: If you ever wondered how Song Hye-kyo
would look like with short hair, wonder no more.

Hye-kyo at the studio in Seoul Kang-nam

Recreating the Hwangjiny look

Vamping it up for the camera:
Introducing Miss Song Hye-kyo for Laneige

In Malaysia, you can find Laneige products at
their counters located at:
  • Jusco Mid Valley (Tel: 03-2287 2061)
  • Parkson Sunway Pyramid (Tel: 03-5631 2055)
  • Parkson Pavilion Bukit Bintang (Tel: 03-2141 9370)
  • Jusco Bandar Utama
For more stunning pics go to Song Hye-kyo's thread in Soompi.

Song Hye-kyo is the new face of Laneige

More on Song Hye-kyo

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fraulein said...

SHK shld never cut her hair, she looks weird with short hair

Anonymous said...

Did she really cut her hair? I dunno if its just the angle of the photo but it doesn't look that great on her... Her face doesn't SHINE with short hair. She looks kinda, dare i say, average? Hurry girl, get some extensions!

She does look beautiful bald... cue to computer generated SHK

Anonymous said...

she's incredibly overrated and boring. they should have kept Jun Ji-hyun, she was loads better, had better poses and much more interesting pictures instead of just looking into the camera with a boring look and displaying an ice queen look.

Anonymous said...

anyone used Laneige product before?

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous! The short hair is different but suites her well because of her small and oval face shape. However, for some reason I always see innocence in all her photos. Maybe it’s time to strut that look a little more to see get a glimpse of that evil side. =)

Liz said...

Oooh, I think she looks beautiful, pixie hair and all :-). 참 예뻐요 :-)

Orchid said...

@anonymous#2 Yes i was wondering the same thing.

Does anyone use Laneige products? What is their star product? Is it mascara, whitening lotion? Is the product range popular in the United States?

Here in Malaysia, the Laneige brand was introduced 1.5 years ago. But i personally am not aware of the brand until about 1 month ago.

I'm a Bobbi Brown, Stila and Benefits supporter. Love their products & packaging! ;-) I have not used Laneige before.

green tea said...

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Chianz said...

I used to buy korea brand's skin
care products n I tried Laneigne's
sleepin mask b4... the results was
extremenly amazing coz our skin will be hydrated when we sleep under an air-condition... ^^ do support Sung Hakkyo n Laneige!!!

Chianz said...

:'p beside Laneige,I'm a Skin Food's lover as well... I only used Laneige's loose powder n sleepin mask cause its really keeps our skin felts mostuire n smooth-looked like our skin really very ''naturally pwetty'' but Laneige's products are a bit pricey too... ^^ But I do recommended Skin Food's Cucumber n Lettuce emulsion n also tomato n apple's whitening essence...

noV said...

i've met her in 2006 when she came to Malaysia to promote her movie with Cha Tae Hyun... i shook hands with her... so soft...

Orchid said...

@chianz okay thanks for the feedback. will try Laneige's Sleeping Mask if i see it. One could always use a good moisturizing mask!

varms said...

Beautiful as usual... I don't know anything much about Laneige...but I've seen Jeon Ji Hyun represent that brand before...

Liz said...

Yup varms, Jeon Ji-hyeon is also a spokesperson for Laneige, but her contract is expiring soon.

Song Hye-kyo will take over from her in Spring, if I'm not mistaken :-).

Anonymous said...

gosh she's so prettyv x) does any one kno if they have laneige in the united states? I wanna try it ^^

ladida said...

I haven't seen Jun Ji-hyun pics. So I can't make a comparison. But come on now, u can't tell me that u don't like any one of her pics shown here. i esp. luv that Hwangjiny look. She looks incredibly gorgeous!

blinkable said...

I like her in short hair!She looks great in any hairstyles *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ! Close your damn mouth!

ana said...

^everyone can speakout their opinion rite?

i think she is very pretty. but of course, there are other prettier actresses out there. like han ga in, etc..

if i'm not mistaken, Jun Ji-hyeon has renewed her contract. hmm, i think i'll try laneige when i come back to malaysia. no asian products here. thanks chianz :)


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