Saturday, 2 February 2008

Park Chan-wook hunts down female lead for Bat

Korean actresses are turning down the lead role of director Park Chan-wook's (I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK) latest project because the film will contain explicit sex scenes, similar to the ones in Ang Lee's Lust, Caution.

Searching: Park Chan-wook wants an actress who'd
go butt naked for his new flick

Entitled Bat, the film is a love story of sorts. Award-winning actor Song Kang-ho (The Host, Secret Sunshine) is already cast as the male lead. He plays a scientist who is curious about vampires. His experiments lead him to a secluded colony where he meets a married couple and falls in love with the wife.

Going Bat-ty: Song Kang-ho has reportedly
signed on as the male lead

It is also reported that the film, which is described as a "horrific" and "shocking Gothic film", has received much attention from the local and international market. French film distributor, Wild Side, has even bought the rights to the film, which is still in the planning stage.

A source from the production team said: "There are a few female actresses who are highly motivated to take the role. (However) we are also considering fresh faces (such as Tang Wei for Lust, Caution). We are not in a hurry because this is the very first stage of preparation and we are open to many possibilities."

Source: HanCinema
Pics credit: StarNews & HanCinema

Kim Ok-bin is leading lady in Park Chan-wook's new flick

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PrincelyLuna said...

mmm ... which Korean actresses have turned down the role? explicit sex scenes in Korean movies are not really something unusual and there are some Korean actresses who had done such scenes in those movies such as great and talented actresses like Jeon Do Yeon, Moon So Ri, Bae Doo Na and even Kang Hye Jung. glad that Song Kang Ho is going to be in Park Chan Wok's movie again. by the way, that's a nice pic of hime there.

remin said...

Yah, I agreed. At first I'm quite shocked that Koreanmovie seem more open to explicit moves at times a lot more open then Us Entertaiment. I mean Us big screen has romance also but it did not show the real se* yet, I in many sometimes very typical that alot of Korean drama has se* scene and just to found it out of among the normal movies in crunchyroll dot com semm a huge surprised for me in the first place. Sometimes they overdone or how should I say it, too many se* scene, and seem real too and it is too overdone despite the fact that Korean is an Asia country.Maybe that is just how they works thing are. And the latest one, surprisingly, accidently i just found the girl who act in Delightful girl acted also in a movie that have explicit scenes. I now that se* is a natural way of art for them and a natural way of human being but i REALLY don't like the fact that they TOO overboard and OVERDONE it too much.

kpop_rub said...

remin you do realize sex is not a swear word right? lol

PrincelyLuna said...

yes, i think compared to most US movies, even the degree of violence in Asian movies are much higher (is this the rite word?), like those in the Japanese movie Ichi the Killer and Korea's No Blood No Tears where there are scenes of women being punched and kicked. i also find it funny that at, u can buy US version dvd of Violent Cop(a Takeshi Kitano's film) either with 'violent' or 'non-violent' dvd cover.

Clammy said...

There are hugely different considerations in the U.S. First off, there are far more commercial product placements in U.S. movies. As such they need to consider the widest audience possible to make more money. The most coveted rating in a U.S. movie is PG-13 because it will appeal to the broadest range of audience (or at least be legally allowed to have the broadest range of audience.) Therefore, it will also attract more product placement for these sometimes grossly over budgeted movies. Many movies will cut scenes and re-edit just to get a PG-13 rating.

Also, there are far more family watch groups and such in the United States as well. There's a huge population of very conservative people that have nothing better to do but complain about every little thing they deem even minorly offensive to families. They are very quick to blame everything else except their own parenting skills. Politicians will cater to these groups and as a result, sometimes they will over react (such as the FCC after the Janet Jackson incident at the superbowl a few years ago).

But, if done in an "artful" manner, the movies can win awards (such as "Monster's Ball") rather than be met with hostility.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt want to play the lead either, that guy is all sorts of ugly. And that Janet Jackson incident warranted reaction, she is an old fogie and we had to see her breast. Not happy times. But you mightve missed it and didnt see how GROSS it was.

Clammy said...

I was watching on a projector with across 96 inches of screen when it happened. The camera was far away, the incident lasted about 1.5 seconds or so and you could barely tell that she was exposed. The FCC, however, overreacted and people were getting fined left and right for the dumbest infractions. I think the fact that MTV will probably never do a superbowl show again is a good enough punishment for MTV and the fines were hefty enough for everyone else. MTV not doing the superbowl show is also a reward/compensation for the viewers who never have to endure their crap shows again. This got so out of hand 4 years ago that there were congressional hearings on it. They were going so far as to attempt to fine channels that you CHOOSE AND PAY TO GET for minor infractions.

It was more offensive that lawmakers chose to spend SOOOO much time and my tax dollars on something so frivolous really just to try and cater for votes (it was an election year).

ladida said...

hopefully a fresh face actess :)
"old fogie" her age, i think she has a hot bod ;P
I agreed w/Clammy. Actually, a good majority (with the exception of these very conservative people) of Americans believed that FCC overreacted to the Janet Jackson controversy. My friends & I have a good laugh when it became the butt of the joke on late nite talkshows

joo said...

Park Chan Wook can offer the role to Kim Hyesoo... She can play it perfectly.


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