Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Song Hye-kyo's personal photos

I know there are many of you out there who are fans of beautiful Song Hye-kyo. After filming her indie flick entitled Fetish in New York, the Full House star has been keeping a rather low profile - mostly appearing in commercials. I have not heard of any up-coming projects for her.

To appease her fans (no, she did not design another bag), Hye-kyo herself uploaded some of her personal photos at her fan site (Hyebaragi) on 12 Feb, 2008. The photos must have been taken in New York when she was there filming her movie.

Song Hye-kyo and her friend... she is looking very skinny here

Song Hye-kyo with Hae-ryeon and Mi-yeon
(her friends i suppose)

Sipping fruit punch while watching the world go by.
Love her bright red shoes!

Now who's that she's with? This looks like a tabloid photo to me...

With friends...

Relaxing ...with her friend again

Rock chick SHK

Enjoying a cuppa

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m said...

I know she's really pretty but aside from that given fact, I am not a fan of hers.
In my opinion, she is a bit overrated. If it wasn't for her good looks, she wont even be considered a great actress. By great actress, I mean same caliber as Jeon Do-yeon or Gong Hyo Jin.

Joe said...

Yeah the photo looks tabloid.

hjn said...

some of the pictures look photoshopped.. like someone forcing them into the scene

ladida said...

she may not be Oscar worthy but she was so darn cute in FH..& yep, she's a natural beauty :)

Anonymous said...

it's cool how she's HUGE in korea
and probably get mobbed whenever she walk out in the street
then in NYC
she's just.. a normal girl.. living a good life.
shopping, walking down the street, drinking coffee, haning with friends.
she's so beautiful.
hope to see a new drama with her soon

fraulein said...

She's really pretty and photogenic. Some of those pics could be taken with little or no make-up. Still gorgeous.

fraulein said...

I have to agree with " m ", she does not hv great acting chops. Maybe, one day, she'll surprise us with a charlize theron move, who knows ?

varms said...

She is so beautiful... Even in ordinary pics, she still exudes this calm and collected aura...
I hope she'll act in something good soon... :)

ksw said...

It is just so funny. She is so gorgeous and all, why is she hanging out with all these women only? Where are the hot Korean men? Or hot NYC men!!!!

Benkaiser said...

New York?

It is Hong Kong!

Liz said...

The flag on the boat is Hong Kong alright. Dunno about the rest of the pics.

Anonymous said...

half of them are in hong kong.
i recognize it. i live in hong kong

Liz said...

Thanks anonymous. Kewl, a reader from Hong Kong! Lei hou. What's your name, by the way?

Orchid said...

@anonymous from HK : "lei hou mou?" (Cantonese) ;-)

Thanks for your comment. Could you tell which pic was taken in Hong Kong? I haven't been there. But would really want to go 'cos i heard that it's a shopping haven! I want to go shopping in Hong Kong some day... =)

Anonymous said...

Song Hye Kyo might not be recognized as one of the more serious actresses in Korea, but she and Rain were perfect for each other in Full House. So much chemistry. So much fun! Bi-kyo forever!!!!!


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