Friday, 15 February 2008

Will Kwon Sang Woo be in a new SBS drama?

32 year-old Kwon Sang-woo just returned to the small screen after a 2 year hiatus in the drama Bad Love (못된사랑). Bad Love (or Cruel Love) has not been getting favourable ratings in the local market and word has it that Kwon is disappointed (if only he read this blog, he would know that there are quite a few supporters here!;-).

Nevertheless, Kwon Sang-woo has stated that he will be working on another drama after Bad Love. Filming the new drama could start as early as March 2008.
(Boy, Sang-woo sshi is really hardworking. After Bad Love, it was reported that he will be traveling to film CFs).

Kwon is seriously considering toplining a new SBS drama called
Big Stuff (대물). Talks are still underway with Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) but nothing is confirmed yet.

Kwon to play a womanizer next?

Big Stuff is based on a cartoon created by Park In Kwon, who is also the creator of another cartoon called 쩐의 전쟁 (Money Wars).

If Kwon accepts the offer, he will be assuming the role of a suave playboy who knows everything about women. A womanizer perhaps. He will then meet an ambitious woman who dreams of being the first female president of Korea. Ha ha ha...that sounds like an interesting plot!

The drama is still casting actors and actresses.

Would you like to see KSW in another drama after Bad Love?

Source & Pic credit: Starnews with translations by Joe Gimm

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fraulein said...

Yeah, he has supportive (Bad Love) fans here alright.

I wonder - will the new role be something like Eric's in Que Sera Sera?

Josh said...

I hear the new So ji-sub show has lost a main lead...maybe he could step in there. Otherwise that show might get canned :-(

btw, my first post here :-)

Orchid said...

hi josh, there's a first time for everything. hope it won't be your last...thanks for the post!


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