Thursday, 27 March 2008

Cha Ye Ryeon's new movie doremifasolatido!

Bad Love actress Cha Ye Ryeon is only 23 years old!? I thought she was older. Remember her? She is the woman whom Kwon Sang-woo kissed passionately in the elevator scene and also later in the drama, she was the "Kim Jo Ann lookalike".

Cha Ye-ryeon in an off-shoulder
white printed dress at her movie premiere

Well, here's an update on the actress. Cha Ye Ryeon's new movie is called
Doremipasolrasido (도레미파솔라시도). She was at the premiere of her new movie on the 27 March at Seoul Chongno District theater. Her co-stars are Jung Eui-chul and Jang Geun-seok.

Cha Ye Ryeon flanked by co-stars are
Jung Eui-chul and Jang Geun Seok

Pics credit: MyDaily


rockpinkslip said...

YaY for the movie but correction it's Jang Geun Seok not Geuk

Orchid said...

@rockpinkslip Ah...okay. Thanks.

Rachel said...

Can't wait til I can see this with English subtitles. JGS :)

Linda said...

She reminds me of a offense...the nose and eyes definitely...

fraulein said...

She's pretty, though her role in bad love made her really dislikeable (if there's such a word ; P)

Thanks, k-popped. nice to have an update on her, i didnt even know her real name before this...

Arie said...

Eh? Is this also based on that Guiyeoni fic?
(I think my eyes were damaged by that blue jacket >__<;;)
Anyway, can't wait to watch it ^__^ (with subs X3~)


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