Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Did Choi Ji-woo get tipsy at the Louis Vuitton party in HK?

Choi Ji-woo who has starred in multiple hit dramas such as Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven and Air City attended the Louis Vuitton Grand Opening party in Hong Kong on March 14, 2008.

The LV Grand Opening party in Hong Kong was held
in what looks like a giant LV suitcase

Fellow Korean celebrity Lee Joon-ki and other famous celebrities such as
Zhang Ziyi, Chow Yun-fat, Shu Qi, Michelle Yeoh, Aaron Kwok, Kanye West and Louis Vuitton model Eva Herzigova were there at the star studded event.

Korean stars Choi Ji-woo and Lee Joon-ki at the LV party

Choi looked gorgeous in a blush pink wispy cocktail dress and brushed shoulders with other famous stars. The Korean press talked about how exquisite she looked at the event and even voted her best dressed.

Ji-woo and Chow Yuen Fatt

From knee up, Princess Ji-woo looked
lovely in her blush pink dress

But i don't like her bright pink
stokings and pointed satin shoes...

Hong Kong papparazzi managed to capture shots of what looks like a tipsy Ji-woo laughing and giggling with friends after the party. The press has since used this as fodder and released these photos of Choi Ji-woo claiming that she acted indecently. Choi and her agency are now shocked and denies that she was drunk.

Well, she does look a bit tipsy but she certainly wasn't acting indecently in the pictures below. What do you think? Maybe she had more champagne than she was able to handle. Next time, i bet Ji-woo would be more careful and not let herself be photographed in situations that could spark unnecessary gossip.

Source: HK Apple Daily, Soompi & Popseoul!

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Anonymous said...

no fair, some of the photos have been photoshoped. you can tell best by the change in the white dress.

Anonymous said...

She doesnt just look drunk, she looks what they call HAMMERED. So Yeah I believe it.
Honestly, dont drink at all if you dont want to bring this kind of stuff upon yourself, I certainly dont

rocketfuel said...

She can't win either way, so she should just do whatever she wants. It's a party, you're suppose to have fun, drink, and mingle. It's not like she cussed people out or had sex on top of the tables with someone.

Besides, the last thing a Paparazzi should be doing is calling others "indecent."

mississy said...

Yeah what the heck is up w/ them stockings? Take em off!

Chingu said...

Oh hell, yes she's drunk. Hammered, actually.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world she's being singled out by the HK paparazzi? It's a party & drinks were served for people to have fun. I'm pretty sure everybody had been having a great time. People be kind, Ji Woo is just like anybody else, a human being. She's still a great actress & kind-hearted person.

Anonymous said...

The stocking & the shoes were part of the outfit which was probably provided by LV. Anyway, she was named the best dressed in the LV party. She's not hammered, she just having a great time like anybody else. The indecent one was the paparazzi who tried his/her best to make a small thing a big issue probably to cover up their own celebrity's misdoing. Ji Woo didn't hugged CYF, he did, so who's really drunk?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing indecent on what Ji Woo did at the party. Maybe, the HK paparazzo didn't know the meaning of the word indecent. He should have check it out in the dictionary first before using the word. He's the one who was indecent because he's a very bad reporter, no ethic at all. He should apologize to Ji Woo.


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