Saturday, 1 March 2008

Jamilla turns she-warrior for Paewang

Warrior: 'Don't mess with me'

Uzbek hottie Jamilla - who's making it big in Korea - became a she-warrior for a day.

The sexy Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies participant was selected to model for a new online game called Paewang (패왕).

The photoshoot was held at a studio in Kangnam, Seoul on Feb 27.

Jamilla then had her first fan meeting there. The lucky young men who met the beauty enjoyed pizza with their idol.

Meet-the-fans: Jamilla (centre) with her admirers. The words on the
poster behind them reads: Paewang & Jamilla fan meeting

Apparently, Jamilla was the hostess with the mostest as she made everyone comfortable with her hilarious comments and energetic personality.

She reportedly answered her fans' questions in Korean without an interpreter. I bet all the fanboys swooned ;-).

Oh, has anyone heard Jamilla sing yet? Her digital single was released on Feb 25 and I've not heard a peep about it. Is it that bad?

Source & Pics credit: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

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PrincelyLuna said...

truthfully speaking, i'm kinda sick of this girl!

kpop_rub said...

that pizza looks good!

and i hate that high side pony tail on her...

Anonymous said...

Heheh I'm sick of her sick that I have to comment! The only interesting part of that photo are her abs..not her "blah" face. And I will put a curse on those who claim that she resembles the beautiful Monica Bellucci. That's just blasphemous! Maybe no word of her single because everyone became speechless or went deaf. Mmmm..I'm hungry for a pizza margherita now. Thanks!

soulja girl said...

this girl is OVERRATED. omggg
i don't know why korean men are making such a big deal out of her.

lanatir said...

Enough of Djamilla... time for Guzal!

Anonymous said...

How can she have a fan meeting, she was on a tv show! At first I thought "Wow she really is like the epitome of what I think of when I think of all the korean girls getting surgery to look like." I think her abs are gross, untoned.
"curse on those who claim that she resembles the beautiful Monica Bellucci. "
Ill help.

Anonymous said...

hey k-popped, her MV is on youtube and mp3 courtesy of soundresque.

it sounds alot like something Harisu would put out.


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