Thursday, 13 March 2008

Jang Dong Gun celebrates 2008 birthday with fans

Jang Dong-gun celebrated his birthday with fans at Seoul's Coex Auditorium. Fans gathered at around 10:30am to meet the Korean star. Goodie bags with gifts for fans were sponsored by Chung Jung Won, Adonis and SK Telecom.

Fans from sixteen different countries
gathered to meet their beloved Hallyu star!

I just can't get over how open Korean stars are towards their fans. According to a fan's account JDG brought his travel bags (in two different sizes) to show his fans. They also played games at the fanmeet where fans who answered questions about the actor correctly, would win a prize. And i tell ya...the questions are pretty "Who is my first love?", "What is my shoe size?", "What is my nickname?".

Yes folks, you've got it right!
My waist size is 32 inches.

36 year-old JDG also talked about his 6 months in New Zealand filming his Hollywood movie Laundry Warrior. He rented an apartment so that he would be more comfortable there and fans got to view video clips of his room, kitchen, dining area and living room! What a treat.

Entertainment Weekly host with tiny eyes Kim Jae-dong
was MC for the fan meeting
(he was MC for Rain's last fan meeting too, huh?)

If you are a die-hard JDG fan, read a fan's account of the gathering - "Jang Dong-gun 2008 Birthday Party and Fan Meeting"

Sources: Just Jang Dong Gun, Dramabeans

Jang Dong-gun to star in fantasy actioner

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fraulein said...

haha, kim jedong is a popular talkshow host? Stil remember he made fun of his and rain's eyes at the fan meeting

jehan said...

i was surprised when i saw on that jang dong gun and my dad have the same birth day. jang dong gun was the first korean actor my dad appreciated when he saw him in the movie tae guk gi...

Chingu said...

He's so precious.

Anonymous said...

first time i saw this actor in ALL About Eve , i'm so crazy about him.
Then i watch him in Promises. He's good.

kadya reda said...

hi, jang dong gun i'm kadija from MOROCCO i like your drama series and movies you are my best actor so good luck in your life and i hope you are fine . KADIJA REDA.


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