Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Join the K-popped! Easter game

Game for some fun? Then come join our Easter Egg hunt! Orchid has hid FOUR Easter eggs (pic above) at our site. Can you find all of them?

Tell us where the eggs are by giving us the title of the entry each egg is in.


Rainbow Egg
Don't drop me, don't be careless,
I'm found within the Shadows of a Palace!

Blue Egg
I have no fortune nor fame,
Cuz I'm with a guy who gives Love a Bad name.

Bunny Egg
I'm K-popped! Trio's Easter pet friend
Find me where they introduce themselves; catch me if you can!

Green Egg
I like Ugly becuz beauty is overrated
Dolls are in, no they aren't dated!

K-popped! Trio’s Easter fun

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sakura00 said...

Bad Love ratings, rants and behind-the-scenes blue egg

Shadows in the Palace in Malaysia cinemas rainbow egg

About Us bunny egg

K-popped! interviews Uglydolls green egg

mississy said...

red egg is "Shadows in the Palace in Malaysia Cinemas" ... blue is in "bad Love ratings, rants & behind-the-scenes" Bunny Egg is "about us" and Green is "K-Popped Interviews Uglydolls"

eunice0912 said...

blue egg = Bad Love ratings, rants and behind-the-scenes
rainbow egg = Shadows in the Palace in Malaysia cinemas
bunny egg = About Us
green egg = K-popped! interviews Uglydolls

k-popped hwaiting!<3


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