Sunday, 9 March 2008

Kim Jung-eun hosts Chocolate

Farny: Actress Kim Jung-eun (right) shares a joke with her guests on Chocolate.
The 1st episode of the show was taped yesterday (March 8).

Lovers in Paris actress Kim Jung-eun is set to host her first music program called Chocolate.

Aww: A heart-shaped choc with her portrait on it
was presented to the host.

At a press conference on March 5, she said: "I have dreamed of hosting this kind of program for the last five years and I am so happy that I finally can."

Chocolate is a music-cum-talk show where viewers will be able to watch singers perform, as well as other guest celebrities such as actors and even sports stars.

Guest: Singer Park Jeong-hyeon belts out a song.

In the show, the host and guests will chat so viewers will have a chance to get to know their fav stars a little more.

"Considering that I'm hosting a music program, I thought I needed some sort of a connection," said the 33-year-old actress. "It seems I'm overreacting, but I have started practicing playing the piano for the program. We are going for an acoustic and non-digital atmosphere where the viewers can listen to memorable oldies."

Piano: After much practice, Kim Jung-eun performs for
the audience at the piano.

While Kim is nervous about hosting the program, she shares with us her approach to the show: "Being the first music program that will be launched under my name puts pressure on me, but I will do my best. I won't be a host who just says as she is told in a pretty dresses, but try to emcee as if I were a viewer myself."

Chocolate is set to air on March 11 at 12.35 p.m. in Korea. It will be on the SBS network, which means Malaysia won't be able to watch it :-P.

Source: The Korea Times
Pics credit: Newsen

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lorean said...

yes it nice to hear that ms. kje have already music show it was surprise for us here in philippines, congratulation with you... you worth it and have fun on it coz we believe you can handle it as well as what you did... you're great ms. kje we love...particularly here in philippines you have lot of fans although we can't go with in korea but we still support and pray all the day of your life extend this regards to your boyfriend mr. lsj we happy both of you...
I have request please add your chocolate show in Youtube we're we can update every week your show... take care...

Anonymous said...

It's to late to add this comment but we comfirmed that ms. kje is a great korean celebrety hosts and their we're highest rating in her show chocolate...coz everytime I open my computer in youtube there lot of audience fall in line outside the bldg... good sucess ms. kje please add your show in youtube.... god bless.... mwahhhh


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