Saturday, 22 March 2008

Lee Dong-geon’s younger brother stabbed to death

Tragic news today, folks.

Lee Dong-geon’s (pic left) 19-year-old brother has been stabbed to death in Sydney, Australia. The deceased’s 20-year-old friend, who was with him during the incident, is seriously injured.

Police say that the stabbing at World Square on March 20 was an unprovoked and callous attack.

This was how it happened: Shortly after 1pm on Thursday, both men left Hungry Jacks (a fast-food outlet) on George Street and were passing through World Square shopping centre. A fight broke out with two men. It was intense – a rubbish bin was knocked over and metal folding doors were bent.

During the scuffle, Lee and his friend were stabbed. Police found them a short distance from each other with stab wounds in their upper body. Lee died in hospital and his friend was in critical condition.

Shortly after the incident, two 18-year-olds were arrested and charged with murder. Michael Lee and Ivan Wong appeared via video link in Parramatta Bail Court on Friday (March 21) charged with murder, causing wounding or grievous bodily harm to a person with intent to murder, and common assault.

Neither applied for bail and it was formally refused. Both teenagers are due to reappear in court on March 25 for mention.

K-popped! sends their deepest condolences to Lee Dong-geon and his family for the untimely demise of his younger brother.

Source: StarNews, NineMSN, LiveNews, Sydney Morning Herald

Pic credit: StarNews


Anonymous said...

was his younger bro studying in Australia or did he just migrate there??

sezling said...

Omg.. we heard this on the news the other day and were shocked bcoz we always go by that area (it's out in the open on a main street). Then I heard it was 2 Koreans who were the victims and I was already quite shocked but to imagine that it could connected to Lee Dong Geon?!?! That's crazy >< What's with Sydney's degrading safety levels T_T

varms said...

That's very sad... I read about this on another website and I thought it was horrible... My condolences to the Lee family.

Hanneebuff said...

This is so tragic. Good thing the bad guys got caught although it will never bring back lee dong gun's younger brother back. Justice is what they need. Condolonces to LDG and his family.


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