Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Lee Hyori shows off sexy bod at jewelry launch

Sexy singer Lee Hyori, who even makes Rain lust after her body, attended a jewelry launch this morning (March 19) in Seoul.

Smokin': Hyori shows off some bling

Hot: The singer gives you a look at her sexy
side profile

French jewelry brand Fred has a new line called Miss Fred. Twenty nine-year-old Hyori was there to brighten up the event. Doesn't she look awesome in the red dress?

Yo, Energizer Bunny! You've gotta check Hyori out in this! ;-)

Perfect 10: Even Rain, a "boobies man", says that Hyori
looks perfect in tight shirts and tank tops

Sexy: Need we say more?

Source: Newsen & PopSeoul
Pics credit: Newsen

More Lee Hyo-lee please!

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fraulein said...

Sexy bod ? Exactly.

I don't buy any of the comments some ppl make about her being 30 and washed up. She is still very hot & pretty.

Anonymous said...

she's abosulutely stunning! anyone would be lucky as hell to look that great at 30!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes her red carpet outfit choices are misses...but this is a HIT!! She's mixing sex and sophistication together.. very chic! It's a good color on her compared to that horrendous purple dress she wore once. Thanks. And I agree, being 30 doesn't mean that your sex appeal just evolves to another level. Anyway, you prefer all the 16 year olds dressing like the way Hyori does? I think not. Now that's inappropriate.

Linda said...

She's not 30 yet people! Do your math. She's turning 29 on May 10th. And she's very pretty, but I'd like to confirm if she got any cosmetic surgeries done..anyone know for sure? Knowing how popular cosmetic surgeries are in Korea, it's difficult to tell.

Linda said...

One more thing, she is doing the right thing by keeping herself tanned. USA people don't like the pale's considered unhealthy and well, just not attractive. Good for her to get attention in the USA.

Anonymous said...

OMG! This girl is absolutely gorgeous! One of the few asian women with sexy curves! HOT HOT HOT!

Anonymous said...

Hyolee defintely has the curves to pull off this look! Sooooo hot and sexy!!!

Anonymous said... difference. She's still approaching 30 and she still looks divine.

Anonymous said...

This girl can pull off any look with that kind of body! SUPER SEXY!

Anonymous said...

Wayyyyy sexy bod!!! Soooo envious! Why does she have to be soooo gorgeous?!


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