Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Maxim March '08 cover girls: Jewelry (쥬얼리)

Hallyu female pop quartet Jewelry shows us their bling, or lack there of, on Maxim Korea's Collector's Special Edition issue.

Enh... come on Maxim. I may be of the fairer sex, but I can still appreciate a sexy pin-up. And these are not sexy pin-ups.

More Maxim Girls
Lee Hyun-ji
Kim In-seo
Ryu Seol-mi

Stephanie Kim

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Anonymous said...

dang... jewelry??? LMAO!!!not sexy at all.. they should invite our amber chia to grace the cover/pin up poster.. *sigh*

Orchid said...


Liz said...

Ha ha ha what happened, Maxim? Bring sexy back!!!

Belle said...

oh my. i think that the concept that maxim is going for is something sbout grooming horses.

they could have used more photoshop to salvage these pictures. were they too cheap?

ladida said...

i dunno know who's more deserving to get canned: photographer? hairstylists? makeup artists? maxim editor?

who? said...

...gross. i'm sick of their 'one more time' song and unbelievably it's sweeping awards in korea. damnation

Anonymous said...

well to be fair, the first one with park jung ah is fine but the second one, the girl looks like a HORSE!

Anonymous said...

wow... they are so cute and sexy..ha ha ha

Anonymous said... and cute but out of fashion...ha ha ha,but i still like them (*=*)..just like me xela


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