Friday, 7 March 2008

Rain shapes up for Ninja Assassin

After a whirlwind tour to China (Beijing & Shanghai) recently, Korean heartthrob Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) left for Berlin, Germany yesterday to start filming his second Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin (닌자 어새신). This time around, he will not get only a 5 minute appearance (i assume that's the case in Speed Racer), but he will play the lead role.

Rain in Shanghai shooting a CF for MIIOW Sports
[pic credit]

The noticeably leaner Rain lost 10kgs to shape up for his role as a ninja. Ninjas are lightweight, agile and deadly. Rain needs to loose 2 - 3 kgs more to fit the characteristic.

A "ninja" refers to one skilled in martial arts and trained in a variety of unorthodox arts of war. The word "ninja" originates from Japanese culture. I am curious how the script writers will retain Rain's Korean origins in the movie.

Rain again in Shanghai...
[pic credit]

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lemonade lagoon said...

Hey you guys, I have some mighty interesting news that might just give you a better idea of what's Rain's new movie will be about. ^^

I have feeling that the new Wachowski flick may NOT be Ninja Assassin at all. It's just a guise to hide the real film which is actually NINJA SCROLL. We're talking about one of the most influential anime film ever.

If you go to this website

you'll find that the characters required for the film are all the characters from 'Scroll'. And yes, Rain is gonna be playing Jubei. He's a reallly cool character.

Anyhoo, the geeks are more than positive that it's actually 'Scroll' they're doing. Considering also that this, along with "Ghost In The Shell", was one of the Wachowski's influences for the Matrix.

None of this is confirmed yet since they're keeping mum about this but if ever this is true, then Rain has definitely hit the jackpot.

Sorry for the long post. :D

Liz said...

lemonade lagoon, you don't have to apologise for long comments when you're giving us juicy information!

Kewl...I'm gonna sniff out this Ninja Assassin business.:-)

Orchid said...

woohoo...hey Lemonade Lagoon...thanks for the juicy bit of info. Hmm...Ninja Scroll. Interesting!

You really like anime and manga huh? Do you like manhwa as well?

On that site, it says Jubei is Male, 15-17yrs. Very young.

They are also looking for these characters. Any takers? ;-)
* Pretty Ninja Woman, Female 20s
*Female, Beautiful Asian Woman– Woman 20s / 30s

It also says...
(All potential candidates should be Asian, fit, vibrant and possess some knowledge of Martial arts, acting and be able to communicate effectively in English)

ksw said...

I am non eligible because I cannot do the Martial Arts thing. :-(

rooster said...

Yea!! Ninja Scrolls is not just any Anime. It's really gory and violent, and pretty x-rated too. Definitely not for kids.

kpop_rub said...

ooo dang I am not qualified

maybe they didnt get the rights to ninja scroll and are making a movie 'inspired' by it?

fraulein said...

a friend of me who's into anime says "Scroll" and " Jubei" are quite well known.

So, like lemonade lagoon says, if Rain really gets cast as Jubei, it's wonderful news!

But truth be told, these movies are for those who are really into anime, manga and stuff. Too bad, I don't take it them - will watch it for Rain though ; )

Vanessa said...

it doesn't even really matter if he's korean. they just need some asian guy to fill in the shoes of "ninja".

Clammy said...

Um.. maybe only influential in the western proliferation of Anime, and even then not so much. It's popular within it's very limited genre and was really only something that was passed around to illustrate the polar differences between the american animated styles of 15+ years ago compared to what Japan was churning out at the time (i.e. more realistic looking rather than elmer fudd)

lemonade lagoon said...

I'm a Literature Major so I'm pretty hooked on anything Fiction --that includes graphic novels (I'm huge Marvel geek)and mangas. I still have to get my hands on manhwa though. Do you have any titles you can recommend? ^^

As for the casting call, Rain is gonna play the older Jubei. They're looking for a younger for the flashback I suppose. I wonder who they're gonna cast...

Oh and I'm glad that they're casting all-Asians for the film. It kinda threw me off that Goku, in the live action film, wasn't gonna be Japanese. Maybe it's just me...

Hahaha! Yes. The movie is definitely not for kids.

You're right. Thinking about it...'Scroll' is actually more of a cult fave than anything. :D

ladida said...

thanks for the tip-off, lemonade lagoon; i'll check out that site a lil later

Orchid said...

@lemonade lagoon Thanks for the explanation. Literature Major sounds very interesting. i was not fortunate to study any literature in school :-( sciences all the way.

Don't know of any good manhwa to recommend just yet. If any of us were to find a good one, it'll be Rooster.

The Wachowski brothers sound like they are Anime fans...since the Matrix was influenced by "Ghost In The Shell". Can't wait to see how this Ninja Scroll / Ninja Assassin turns out!


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