Monday, 3 March 2008

Song Seung-hun whacks Park Yong-ha

Kerr-pow!: 'How'd you like my fist of steel?' Song Seung-heon (right)
punches Park Yong-ha

What do the Hallyu stars have against each other? Nothing, really. They were just filming a music video.

Bam!: 'Whoever turns blue first loses'

Song Seung-heon and Park Yong-ha got to whack, punch and knee each other in the name of art. The actors were seen filming a fight sequence at an Apgujeong-dong club for Lee Mi-yeon's 2008 Love Song.

Wham!: 'Die, you, die!'

2008 Love Song is the follow-up album to Lee's hit compilation Love Song, which was released back in 2001. The new version will include popular R&B and ballad songs released from 2004 - 2008.

Breather: The actors take a much needed rest

The music video will be released at the end of March.

Gym sequence: Song Seung-hun (right) and
Lee Seong-min wait in the wings

Apart from the fight sequence at the club, Song Seung-heon was seen shooting another sequence with actress Lee Seong-min. This time, they were at a gym and Song's character was undergoing training.

Tired: It's tough being an actor

Directions: Song Seung-hun taking instructions from the MV director

In the video, Song Seung-heon portrays an underground fighter and member of the mob. Park Yong-ha and Ha Suk-jin play undercover cops who infiltrate the fight club and mob headquarters as contenders.

Park Yong-ha manages to get into the ring with Song Seung-heon, but Ha Suk-jin's cover is blown and he is later killed by the mobster.

Check it out!: The director (centre, sitting) and the actors check to see
if they turned out alright in the recording

Lee Yeon-hee also appears in the MV.

Source: KBS Global & Newsen
Pics credit: Newsen

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Anonymous said...

wow, those are some girly tank tops.

Anonymous said...

thats so sexy!

varms said...

SSH is lookin really pretty here... Is this what the army does to you?

Orchid said...

i have to admit...those white tank tops look a bit on the feminine side.

Arin said...

haha. yeah. SSH's body is... !!!

lol, the tank tops! xD
i couldn't agree more.

anyway, i thought actress Lee Yeon Hee is going to act in the MV as well. I like her =)

Liz said...

@Arin Yup, Lee Yeon-hee is in the MV as well. I mentioned it in the last line of the entry: "Lee Yeon-hee also appears in the MV".

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see that, the tank comes off at one point so its all good. One of those guys looks so hot!

Anonymous said...

Lee Yeon Hee is in the MV? OMG I can't wait to see it!!!


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