Monday, 17 March 2008

TRIVIA: Who's the creepy singer?

Holy guacamole, who's this singer who's scaring her fans away with this Ju-on-like pose? She's a (plastic) beauty alright, but this creepy shot right here isn't doing her any favours.

She's quite a regular on the Happy Sunday program on the KBS network.

Answer (March 19):

Wow, you guys can actually recognise Chae Yeon just by her nose? Man, that's sumthin'.

Cute pose: Chae Yeon goes all cute for the camera

Familiar: You know, those bangs and that design
on the dress reminds me of walking fashion disaster...

Similar:...Yangpa in Busan last month(right). Do they have the same sylist,
who seems to have a penchant for bangs and out-of-this-world fashion sense?

30-year-old Chae Yeon had a photoshoot on March 17. It was for a photo album with a "party" theme. Locations such as a hotel, massage parlour, wine bar, fitness club and limo were chosen for the shoot.

Leggy: Chae Yeon shows off her legs...

Boob-y:...and boobs

The concept of the shoot sees the My Love singer shopping for shoes with her assistant, cooking, working out, getting a massage and finally, going for a party in a limo.

The hair: Those extensions must go, Chae Yeon

Gone green: Nice shoes!

Source: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm
Pics credit: Newsen & Hankooki

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Anonymous said...

the nose looks weird so...chaeyeon fo sure...

Anonymous said...

ummm...the nose kinda looks like chae yeon's....sooo i'd have to agree and say chae yeon? this is pretty creepy!

maggie said...

omg if it's chae yeon, i'm sorry but i seriously don't like her. she's just ew.. and her dancing is ew.. and her face is ew.. her personality.. uber ew to the max... ha. like my wide range of vocabulary?

noV said...

that's Chae Yeon...

Orchid said...

My guess would be Chae Yeon.

Anonymous said...

i would say Hyori...her hair style is currently like this

Liz said...

The identity of the "creepy singer" is revealed!...Also, lots more pics of the singer as well. Enjoy!

Vicky said...

wow. just when i thought K-popped ! is the only place of justice left and that's why i visit this site often.
this disappoint me. bunch of bullshit just like every other place. hm.


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