Friday, 4 April 2008

C.I. Entertainment postpones refund date

This is getting ridiculous.

Sigh, C.I. Entertainment displays incompetence once again by announcing that the date for refund has changed.

My dear friends, DO NOT go to Cineleisure Damansara this Sunday (April 6) to get your FT Island concert ticket refund. The date for doing so has been moved to next Sunday, April 13.

Below is the press release K-popped! received:

Re: Refund date postponed

Refund date from Sunday April 5th, 2008 will be postponed to the following Sunday April 13th, 2008. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Venue and time will remain the same.

We will also be in touch with other parties involved in the concert such as the international fan communities regarding other concerned issues.

Your kind understanding is very much appreciated and again, we are deeply sorry for all inconveniences caused.


KKVL said...

gosh... CI is really good in playing wif our feelings...tormenting more like it..sheesh!!...again they postponed..what're they trying to do..postponed the 7 days time.. they can convince FT's management to let em come back under their organising..den they dun need to part wif their prescious money??!

gosh..i really want FT to come back and all.. but i dun want CI to organise again..i mean..once bitten twice shy.. i'd rather have some other company...and i don't mind paying more for it..i mean,..what's some money in exchange for emotional trauma if this mishap happens again just cos of lower prices? i'd rather skip my lunch for a month or two..

jehan said...

if you ask FTIsland members alone, as much as possible, they would still have performed for their fans.. i was a band member before and all we wanted was to be able to perform to people who appreciate us and love us for what we do... it was a huge disappointment for us when a supposedly concert featuring us was also cancelled... (due to misunderstanding between the organizers and the owner of the venue...)

i hope the fans, disappointed as they all are, would still support their idols...

naz said...

sheeshh!! this is getting more and more frustrating!!
damn u CI!! why must u postponede it!!!???
i hope all of u can go to hell!!!
if u don't pay the money, i'll report to the police and guess what, my uncle is a well knowned police officer, and one of my uncle is also a judge!! so if u still don't pay, just wait what will happen 2 u guys!!

Johan said...

Geez. This is just freaking ridiculous. Now what would be their reason for postponing?

Sigh. Fine. I'll be at Cineleisure come April 13th.

Anonymous said...

omg... like whatthehell...

i ALMOST changed my mind about CI-enter coz they were very quick in responding to all the refund requests.
But now what? sheesh....
Are you still looking for money high and low?

And they haven't even replied to my emails regarding the refund queries.... =_=

Thanks though, to Liz and k-popped, who always keeps us updated. Good job, ppl!

KKVL said...

now i've got anotehr question..i mean.. k-popped's da oni one who recieved da email abt da postpone..the fan communities knew nothing..da notices posted in MY FTISLAND also came frm .. so my question now is.. .. is it REALLY postponed?

cineleisure's not near my hse..and i dun wanna miss da refund..someone..pelase reply asap..

Orchid said...

@kkvl, CI Entertainment sent that email out to their other media contacts as well.

If you are unsure, you could try to contact them directly. Try going to their website.

KKVL said...

thx for da info orchid.. i checked ci's site already..they've not updated it at all.. there's still da arrval of FT.. etc.. posted there..really an eye-sore..seeing all tat..tat couldn't be realised in reality..

their seoul ID's site's also not updated since april 2nd.. da latest one's da one wif da pic wif da writing "we're sorry"...nothing's mentioned abt the postpone of refund..

Liz said...

hi kkvl, I've sent a text message to one of the CI reps asking to post their confirmation of the news here.

I really hope they do that.

Anonymous said...

Well bugger em all. Korean management sux.

Anonymous said...

they postpones the refund date?
wht wrong whis this company? always made people feel disappointed...

-XioN- said...

guess they dun wanna return u guys the money.... hmm...

KKVL said...

xion: say it isn't so! thx liz for the favour..really hope some sort of compensation can be obtained at some point of it this sun or teh next..

seriously offended and pissed wif CI..

RealGunners said...

are you guys sure that other medias got the news too? bcz it seems like only you guys informed us. i tried to google and only you guys appeared.
i'm afraid that they might try to trick u. only you released the notice. If they set up counter and refund tomorrow and people don't show up, they can blame you for misinforming, and escape paying some of u. But that's just my feeling on what might happen.

KKVL said...

i discussed abt wif my mum..ans she siad..just go there and try our luck..see if there're ppl there to have a refund..we'll just take it as a shopping trip out..i really thank her for being so nice..

guyz.. i suggest..if u've got da time..just take a treat down there..for precautions sake..i'll be able to oni inform a handful of i dun have ur contacts..if i do..i'd be more den happy to give u guyz a call..

like realgunners say.. they can accuse u guyz for parents said when i told em abt the posytpone..their first response.." hmmph..they don't have da money!.."

Liz said...

Hi guys, we report what we get. And this is right from the horse's mouth so we believe that it's the correct information.

Yes, they sent it to all other media as well, the list wasn't even BCC-ed.

We have the e-mail to prove it.

If this is some sorry trick, then I have nothing else to say.

If the refund exercise is still on tomorrow, and you know about it, please, please tell your friends and leave a message here or something.

Thanks everyone :-).

Anonymous said...

If they are planning on stalling so they can bring F.T back, that's fine. But it's definitely not going to happen. So, my conclusion is that C.I is going to be post-poning the refund week after week after week until they miraculously come up with some ingenious idea to not give refunds. E.g: "due to unforeseen circumstances we have decided to not give refunds as this will benefit both parties"'s unbelievable how much rubbish C.I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

hey kkvl..u are right...
MYFTI had to know about this piece of news through they say they will be in touch with the fan communities?
what the hell is going on..
thank goodness i went on k-popped or i wouldnt know about this postpone.

but i will still be going to cineleisure later just in case they are lying.uve no idea what other tricks they have up their sleeves

panshel said...

@KKVL & RealGunners

I reckon the postponement is legit. On C.I. Entertainment's Seoul ID website (, it explicitly states "Refund for the purchased tickets shall start on next Sunday, April 13th..."

But if C.I. were scheming to deceive K-popped! into posting a bogus report, that is incredibly conniving compared to the rumored duping of FT Island's manager to appear at the concert venue. o_O

KKVL said...

panshel: tat post in sould ID abt the refund being on da's exactly da same as when they announced it as this sunday earlier..oni diff is they changed da date..structure in sentence and's exactly da same..

anyway..i'll still be going cineleisure later.. as a "safety measure".. yes.. i know..i sound crazy..

someone's aunt went to check out da supposed office of CI..with da adress stated on CI's website.. guess hwat..da supposed office's empty!..this is really getting me spooked out..i dunno..

this whole issue's really given a bad impression on da whole entertainment and kpop least my mum saw me posting here..she saw my first post here..wanting FT to come back.. her immediate reastion was "crazy ah u?!.. haven't u learnt ur lesson?!" ..

so..i really least i can get my money it won't be like as if we were all conned and our money's been fraud..

RealGunners said...

i was at cineleisure this morning, to watch a movie. i took a photo of the supposingly Lot 111, it's posted in my blog..

anyway, that shop doesn't look like anything that is quite usable for activities at all..

and nope, didn't spot any suspicious CI candidates around..

Anonymous said...

omg y is this happening???i didn't know about this postponement at sister was there the whole time & she said there was nobody i called tix charge & the tix charge asked me to call 4 persons who were just as shocked..& i even dialed the fti's shoe suppliers...please be sure of the news b4 announce it to the public...cineleisure is not near & people have otehr important things to attend to as well~~~

Anonymous said...

someone told me CI has problem with legal matter..that's y the refund process been delayed

KKVL said...

first of all..i'd like to justify something..if cineleisure gave one of the number who belongs to mrs victoria.. please DO NOT CALL tat's my mum's no.. how da mix up started? my mum gave cineleisure's info counter her no..incase for any updates on da matter..they can reach her..the receptionist wrote my mum's no on da saem piece of paper as ci's personel's da colleague who took over her shift got confused and gave my mum's no as ci's no as well..after recieving a call frmm fan..we immediately went back to clear it up..but i dunno how many other ppl she gave da no to..or how many ppl those who got da no forwarded it PLEASE DO NOT CALL mrs victoria..u'll oni get a very frustrated reply frm my mum..

k.. now for a slight report..i went cineleisure today..first thing i did was ask da info counter where lot 111 was..she immeidately knew i was here for teh she told my mum and i tat they actually gave ci a spot to carry out da refund..but ci didn't reply today..there's no ci person who turned up or any refund activities..da info counter also gave 2 nos tat belong to ci personel for us to get more info.. week.. i'll be going again..since in IS mentioned apr in next sun..hopefully we'll not be conned..

*touch wood* .. if ci is really so currupted to even run away just like tat..( to put it in a harsh way...conn us..).. this is seriously gonna be such a bad impression on da whole entertainment..concert..kpop thing..sigh..

RealGunners said...

i think, if instead of CI, it's u guys who contact the media with some news and suggestions on how they could poke their nose in and get a good story of screwing up CI, then it would really put CI in the spotlight and give them less room for trickery, that is IF they are up to any..

KKVL said...

realgunners: great idea!.. ppl..anyone of u ahve got media contacts? all i can do is write in to the satr or something via email.. we need a lot of ppl doing tat if we want em to take us seriously and actually investigate..

KKVL said...

realgunners: great idea!.. ppl..anyone of u have got media contacts? all i can do is write in to the star or something via email.. we need a lot of ppl doing tat if we want em to take us seriously and actually investigate..

Anonymous said...

if i cannot make it on 13th April..coz i have prior engagement? what should i do? can i get my refund?

KKVL said...

@anonymous ..hmm..i dunno abt tat..for ur money's sake i think u better make some free time to get there..provided they'll be someone to give da refund..

i just called da 2 nos given by didn't pick up..da other one picked up..but he sounded drunk..all he could say was "hmm.." ..i dunno..

Valerie said...

any truth to this article?
they have a picture of a hotel room with trashed fan gifts for ft island.
supposedly the band did it or something? i just skimmed through the article but found the photos so horrible.

Anonymous said...

i agree with valerie.. i read about it at is this true??? i think i read about fans saw their present in trash bin or something and now these horrible pictures come up...i dont know what to think anymore.. *sigh*

KKVL said...

avlerie&anonymous: really?!..all da fan gifts were in da trahs? .. wow..i dunno what to believe it or not.. but if u combine this story wif da one in wikipedias aying da heck demanding they are..all da demands and's get hold of da pics?

i dunno.. my min concern now is getting my money back this sun..yes i agree tat FT's image have been greatly tarnisehd in teh eyes of the main financial and permission giver to teh big majority of their fans ( da parents..judging most are still owh so young..) .. at least da decency of the organiser to return da money'll at least lessen the salt in da wound..and a second chance might be hanging in there..

owh..and thx loads for sharing da news abe da pics.. :)

KKVL said...

again!! again!! again ci's postponed da refund!..this date has been confirmed!gosh.. i can't bear to type it out again.. for more info.. go to their seould ID blog

Paul said...

Hey guys here.
I am 1 of da concert ticket purchaser and I've been patiently waiting for the accurate info. about the refund.

But since few days ago, I found myself not being able to access to CI's website.

What's going on?

I kinda worried about this..

You know, take time to prepare for "Running away" and at one moment "Pshhhh"...Disappear.

Apparently, I know that CI has no contact number and only been in contact with us through website.

Website's been gone and i guess going to their office won't help much either. I m pretty sure they don't exist anymore.

Anyone who knows how to get back the money, pls post a comment or email me to

or 016-951-3256.

Darn, I was just buying ticket for my sis to be a nice bro and now I am in a deep shit..

I really dont understand how can this really happen...T-T

Anonymous said...

damn theit website dont even exist anymore...can we report to the cops about this or anything?
n i pay through the acc...

if anyone knows anything pls email me,

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh
What frekin retarded uncos?
we should really bust that stupid entertainment off to *ell, losers


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