Tuesday, 1 April 2008

C.I. Entertainment releases notice on FT Island concert issue

K-popped! has received a press release from C.I. Entertainment on the FT Island concert fiasco.

FT Island came to Malaysia, held a press conference (pic above) and
appeared at a couple of fan meets, but didn't perform a concert as scheduled.

First of all, the rumour circulating among fans that the local organiser tried to trick FT Island’s manager into appearing at the concert venue is false.

(Update April 3: While C.I. Ent has denied the rumour, fans have on record a C.I. Ent rep relating the story to them).

C.I. Entertainment says in an e-mail, “We would just like to clarify that the hearsay/rumour that was mentioned (in K-popped!’s previous article) is not true.”

Now on to C.I. Entertainment’s message to all who have been affected by the cancellation of FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia concert.

Official notice: FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia 2008

Dear FT Island fans, worried parents, sponsors, invited guests, members of the media and all the other parties involved or affected in/by FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia 2008.

We would like to apologise for the cancellation of FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia on March 30th 2008. The concert did not continue due to management decision at the very last minute and we would like to apologise for all the inconveniences caused.

We understand that the fans have placed their hopes to watch the concert and all of us are saddened by this decision as well.

Refund for the purchased tickets shall start on Sunday, April 5th and details for procedures, venue and time shall be disclosed on Thursday.

We will also be in touch with other parties involved in the concert such as the international fan communities regarding other concerned issues.

Your kind understanding is very much appreciated and again, we are deeply sorry for all inconveniences caused.

- End -

Cancellation of FT Island concert in Malaysia
FT Island press conference in Malaysia
F.T.Island in Malaysia

Plans for the concert that never was:
Tickets to F.T. Island concert at TicketCharge
F.T. Island spotted in Penang
Ticket prices to F.T. Island's concert
F.T. Island to perform live in Malaysia


Innocent Bystander said...

Hah! finally they came up with a little something..

Anonymous said...

"The concert did not continue due to management decision at the very last minute"

that's a reason? what? What happened?

vanessa said...

still sucks for people who paid travel money. and refunds can't make up for a concert.

Anonymous said...

I like what the Korean media reported and what F&C said. It explains things much better. CI was at fault (of course they wouldn't release what really happened in their statement because they were at fault).

Liz said...

Hey anonymous, do you have the link to the report you mentioned? Where can I find the story?

Anonymous said...

"It was shocking because the situation wasn't fit for performing."

At the unexpected cancellation of FT Island's First Live in Malaysia, the fans there have broke into protest.

FT Island, who had left for Malaysia on 27 to stay until the 31st, was scheduled to perform live at the huge resort Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre. However, the sponsoring agency CI Ent announced the cancellation of the concert and due to the lack of proper announcement, it led to protest by many fans who arrived at the amphitheatre.

According to Malaysia's brother newspaper Korea Phrase, "CI Ent announced the cancellation of the concert at the fan meeting, the day prior. And on the concert day, they only hung the cancellation sign on the main entrance but did not take necessary actions for fans. Therefore, numerous fans who had arrived at the amphitheatre at 6pm did not return home right away but demanded to see the concert."

In addition "among fans, there were those who had come via concert tour package from countries such as Singapore and Thailand." When fan's protest occured, CI Ent sent a spokesperson at 8:30 pm to announce to the fans that "the concert has been canceled due to urgent conflicts." However, he refused to explain in details or mention anything about ticket refunds, compensation for fans and possibility of later concert date.

To this issue, FT Island's party could not hide their disappointment.
F&C explained "The concert being canceled the day before does not make any sense. On the day of the concert, our staff visited the amphitheatre and was left speechless. They had nothing prepared to set up special stage effects, videos, instruments...etc. This was why we had pushed the rehearsal date to the day of the concert in first place."

F&C also added "FT Island was waiting at the hotel for the rehearsal. However, our staff concluded that it was just impossible to perform. We had trusted CI-Ent based on our previous workings with them. This makes us feel so angry. Even though FT Island was guaranteed only 20~30%, we had planned to perform as long as things were ready."

One Korean concert representative said "The main reason our artists' concert get canceled is due to the lack of information that lead us to sign the deal with immature concert agency. Who will compensate for the fans who have traveled from other countries to see the artists? In the end, this brings shame upon the Korean wave and it is the artists themselves who suffer the most."

Credit: Younhap News + 1takeKK@loveft-i (translation)

Innocent Bystander said...

this notification still doesn't explain it all. they think it's that easy.

Liz said...

Hey thanks anonymous! Man, the stage wasn't ready?!

Innocent Bystander said...

i've heard some rumours saying that the management did not pay to the contractors so the stage couldn't be set up.

meiruo_chan said...

If that's really the case then the one whose at the biggest fault is really CI-Ent.

And the notifications revealed it all, they don't even mention the real cause. A few words won't do when this kind of major disaster happened. At least give a proper explanation so others can understand.

Liz, I like your font for this news. Is it courier new?

Liz said...

Yo meiruo_chan :-).

Yup I used "courier" for it. It doesn't say "courier new" though.

RealGunners said...

what a joke! i blogged about it, but didn't expect them to really come up with such a lame notice..

anyway, we can't trust the korean side more than we can on the local front.. i believe both parties are at fault..

poor things, u people.. u must've hoped that this is an elaborate April Fools' prank..

Anonymous said...

seriously, what a shame.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that CI released a public apology and that the rumor about FTI's manager jumping out of the car isn't true. But still, I hope CI tells us everything that happened since an apology saying that the concert was cancelled due to last minute circumstances. There's gotta be a reason why it was cancelled at the last minute. At least the Korean press said something already.

Also, concert ticket can be refunded. But plane tickets and hotel accomodations? Nope, it can't be refunded. I feel sorry for the international fans who came from different countries just to see FT Island.

Anonymous said...

Agree...refunds dun make up 4 anything, really.

I think fans would have endured the bad fan meetings, but it's the last minute concert cancellation that really pissed everyone off.

Nevertheless, I believe most of us are past asking 'what happened?', and are asking 'so how now?'. We are more interested in whether F&C plans to bring the boys back here again..dun care whether in Singapore, JB or Batam...we still want our concert.

Dun really care what the reasons r now or who should be blamed..but they should make up for this big mess. Since it's management's fault, management ought to fix it..and fast coz our patience is wearing thin..

It's a really bad after-taste that they are leaving for their fans here.

lila said...

To the anonymous who made a reference to the Korean media's reporting: of course the Korean media's going to blame external sources, so as not to shoulder any of the blame themselves, or to make Korean artists look bad.

Of course, I'm not trying to defend the course of action taken by CI Entertainment, but if there's the chance to blame someone else, the media sadly sometimes goes that route.

Anonymous said...

Korean media will always support KPOP artists.. haven't we all seen that before? I don't buy their BShit.

chea said...

Sigh, and once again, they did not tell us a concrete explanation behind the cancellation of the concert.

chea said...

No people, the stage was completely ready. I and a few other representatives went in the concert venue. We saw with our eyes that the whole place is completely settled down and prepared. It has nothing to do with the sponsors. Sumthing is just wrong with the organizers and the management companies of both parties.

Anonymous said...

I feel pity for CI Ent. Everybody, especially the fans (=victims), are ready to buy F&C company's story. Not that I beleive the story or not, F&C was the one who chose the contractor (CI) and made the deal. Why don't they pick the big name company? ... Of course, profits must be involved. F&C was willing to take a risk, because they know the fans will be on their side anyway.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the look of the venue, it is definitely not fit to be used for a full-scale concert. The ticket price that the fans paid for is good enough for other better concert venues. The venue that CI picked is more like for a mini showcase or something. So, I somehow can understand why F&C staff were shocked when they visited the scheduled concert venue. But that's just my point of view. :)

miya said...

seriously~ i dunno which side to believe rite now... i guess mayb 90% is CI's fault... n the other 10%is the korean management~ we just dunno whats the prob.. but we can see clearly that CI just really messed up big~ when i arrive at the venue for the fan meeting~ the stage dun even set up.. but only posters... they should set up the stage.. one day b4... not a few hours b4 the meeting~ early preparation is better... about the stage... i just dunno wat to say... from i read from the comment~ rumor that the CI didn't pay the contracts... my fren saw.. a lorry with steels entered the sunway.. my fren wondering is that for the concert? becoz that time was 3pm!
but i talked to person who's in charge the stage... the said that there were tired doin the stage just now~ erm... mayb they didn't finished it up the day b4 concert.. becoz the didn't get the payment from CI? i dunno whether they just want to cover it up by finish the stage eventhough the concert is cancel.. becoz want to show the its the korean's management fault?
i think they should finished it all 2 days b4 concert~~ so on saturday and sunday they can rehearsal.. becoz.. DBSK concert... when they arrive.. they went straight to the stadium n rehearsal. i'm i rite?
if the stage is already finished set up~ this wont be happened... the boys can still rehearsal n put other stuff away.. n perform the concert.. rite??
maybe the korean management just want to blame on CI.. i seriously dunnO~ you know.. the fans.. who took the fan package said they woke up late.. the fti boys... the manager should just wake them up~
thats their fault... mayb schedule are pack... blame to the management~
rumors bout minhwan demand for rm30k drums.. n dun want to use the drums that incubus last used.. i dunno whether i can believe... but we just dunno their true colours tho~ so thats the 10% fault from them...
i seriously dunno which one to believe.. but thats my opnion tho~

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just LOVE the official notice they just released!....How responsible of them!...*rolls eyes*

RealGunners said...

But then and again, if we think logically, not releasing a detailed explanation is quite sensible, and not necessarily bad for you guys. It means that things can still be discussed behind closed doors and arrangements can still be thrashed out. Maybe there can be a compensation package like, get a new and better venue, and get them to come again.

If CI released something like, "yeah, F&C are sh*theads, they r the ones who screwed us up", then that totally is point of no return..

so.. keep your fingers crossed, and hope for the best, fans..

Anonymous said...

Seriously..... I think the fans are just tired of CI-enter's constant lies after lies after lies.
If you can't fulfill your sweet promises, then why start in the first place?

The fans don't want your belated apologies. The fans want refund, and another opportunity for the boys to perform.
Oh, but, if they do come again next time, WE will make sure that they DO NOT choose you as the management company, dear CI-Enter.

Saw this funny video......

Anonymous said...

It's hardly an explanation. If I were one of the ticket-holders I wouldn't be satisfied with some inconsiderate sentence. Man I feel for those who traveled so far.

Anonymous said...

ha. them tricking the manager was true. it was told to us. seems like they got scared and decided to say it's not true again.
man if only someone taped it down.

Anonymous said...

I'm "happy" to say... YES someone TOOK it DOWN ^^


soohyun said...

this is stupid -_____-
i feel bad for the fans.

the letter didnt even explain WHY they canceld --''
and they even spelled apologize wrong~

MimieJay said...

i can't believe what i have just read!!
omo, it turn out like that??
gosh..i didn't online a couple of days..and so much things had going on??

i was hoping to read good reviews in K-popped, because the press conference was such a bummer..hoping that the concert would turn out great..such a waste..

Liz said...

@soohyun. Hi, the word "apologise" is not spelt wrong. It's the British way of spelling the word.

Liz said...

@anonymous who shared the video link. Man, that's some incriminating evidence there, friend.

You got him on record, and yes, that was the C.I. rep on the scene who didn't want to comment.

The link here.

Anonymous said...

That was a cool catch with the video. Aw, c'mon...are we a mob of fans?! We were mad, alright...but riot? Maybe the Korean management rep thought we would really pounce on them...like their own people or something...hehe :)

Otherwise, they should take the responsibility of explaining their stand to us. They can't just walk off like any other commercial deal. They r dealing with public consumers here...

Anyway, dun think CI dared to put on record that they tried to trick FT's management. Probably would have gotten into greater trouble than they are in right now.

Out of curiosity, does the fan communities have access to F&C representatives? Wanna know if there is going to be a Plan B?

Dun think we wanna just let this go, right? They can postpone the concert, switch organisers, whichever works - but darn it if we dun get our concert..

Anonymous said...

i heard that the singaporen fans are hurting right now because they found out that FT Island (specifically HongGi/HongKi) gave away the snap cards that they made themselves just for the FTI boys. and some also said they saw some of the cards in a trash bin. Talk about OUCH!

Anonymous said...

what R snap cards?

Guess that was a bit insensitive...what to expect, boys what!! If he speaks b4 he thinks, then not surprising if he tossed it aside if he cannot find any use for it. Dun forget they receive a lot of things from fans, plus being overseas an all, they can't check in so many things anyway. Girls, dun let the little punk ruin your day lah!! Cannot expect too much from the boys lah..this is part of their charm..still innocent, childish.. and lacking in PR skills..so everything they do now, need to take with a pinch of salt..afterall, they will have to grow up soon in their line of work. So we should enjoy this side of them whilst we can...

Anonymous said...

they threw away the cards?!

i once made a scrapbook for a band which came here, and i put a lot of effort and money into it.
if i found out they threw it away, i would go ballistic! >:(

Geraldine said...

To anon1, anon2 and anon3, we do not believe that Hongki did that. Please stop sprouting rubbish and misleading others. You don't know us, you don't know what we've been through, and you don't know how we feel. And please stop hurling insults at FT Island. If you think you can hurt us (FTISG) by spreading rumours like this, think about it again.

RealGunners said...

I've just received an email from a certain PetitionOnline.com .. apparently someone used my email to sign a petition about wanting FTI to come back.. whoever it was, not sure if he/she is here, but, bad bad, can't do that mate, just violated my rights and privacy..

anyway, the petition is in English. The Koreans can read them? Hmm..

Orchid said...

@RealGunners, why would someone use your email? Must be one of your friends la...

Anonymous said...

TicketCharge will proceed with an ex-gratia payment to all of the customers on the prorated based on the 41.60% monies that we have according the ticket price that customers had paid for. The ex-gratia payment is only limited to customers who had purchased the tickets via TicketCharge hotline & Mid Valley Boulevard Office, Lot 10 Information Counter and internet purchase via www.TicketCharge.com.my, other purchases made thru C.I Entertainment and/or other channels except TicketCharge are not applicable for this ex-gratia payment through our company. Terms & Conditions apply.


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