Friday, 25 April 2008

C.I. Entertainment, where art thou?

Dear Paul, and everyone else who have been affected by the cancellation of the F.T. Island concert,

I know you guys are all fuming because of the many empty promises by local organiser, C.I. Entertainment (CIE). Here's a little bit of info K-popped! got after a little digging around.

A source from CIE said that no directive has been given from the Board of Directors on the refund. I guess they are still working on it. For one thing, refunding such a huge amount of money takes a lot of paper work and time.

Like Orchid mentioned before, we bought tickets to David Copperfield's performance in Malaysia, which was cancelled. We had to wait FOUR months before we received our refund. It takes time.

Money back: 'Hey CI, give our fans their
money back, will you?'

The problem with CIE is that they have been rash in making announcements. It displays inexperience on their part. I really couldn't believe it when they wanted to conduct the refund exercise the following week after the cancellation.

As for their website being inaccessible, that's SO wrong and unfortunate, especially when CIE mentioned that updates could be attained from the site! With the absence of the website, many are nervous - is CIE going to swindle the pants off everyone?

On the missing website issue, the source from CIE mentioned that the server is down and the webmaster is working on it. A pretty convenient excuse.

CIE has to buck up. In a time like this, the public would appreciate updated information. On the flip side, it could be that the company does not have new information to share with us as they could still be in the legal tussle they last mentioned.

Let's give CIE a little more time to sort things out. How long? Heck, I don't know. But if things DO get out of hand, we'll resort to the big guns.


Johan said...

I don't mind waiting for a long time to get the refund. So long as we get our money back, that is what's important.

-XioN- said...

hong ki is cuteeeee.... hehe

KKVL said...

yes.. i guess i dun mind waiting either..but seriously.. i think the excuse of the server being down a very lame excuse to da site being unaccessible..

responsible ppl would just get a free hosted blog like blog ring or something to keep da public updated..a simple blog's not hard to do..a 14 year old kid with limited or next to nothing worth of html knowledge can do it..

when it's mentioned tat after some digging..a source from ci entertainment said tat no command has been given by da board of directors to refund..tat means ci is still running..da office is still at tat hartamas address and is wtill functioning?heck..after this blunder..which company would still engage em for work??and when mentioned "board of directors"..sources.. itsounds like ci's packed wif ppl..but when they were pushing excuse after sounds like as if ci's a one man company..with da emplyee count of 1...

KKVL said... more thing..on sunday..this sunday..when da 2 weeks are up..what are u guyz gonna do?make another blind trip to cineleisure?go to da authorities?just browse online for info..if no info..just sit and hme and take a nap?

Anonymous said...

Nehhh.... i still think they don't have enough money to refund the fans.

It's good if four months down the road, they DO refund the fans, but if they don't, sadly, I won't be surprised.

I say, ... if they've got so much time so as to make fake IDs and spread heinous rumours about the boys in various forums, why not use the time to do something constructive, like say.... oh I dunno.... FIX THE BLOODY SERVER?

Oh wait.... haha what was I thinking.... of course the server is down,.... coz they turned it off entirely..... =_=

Thanks to Liz and k-popped though, keeping this refund topic alive, coz I have a stinking feeling some people were hoping that the fans will forget about this.... ㅠ_ㅠ

Anonymous said...

they need to be at least responsible enough to let the public know that they are handling the mess. not responding to emails and not updating the fans is definitely a very irresponsible thing to do.

hello CIE, response and we will give u time.

grow up.

Valerie said...

i'm tellin' ya'll. they took the money and spent it on going to big bang's concerts.

not cool at all. i hope ya'll get your refunds soon. or even get them period. i don't wanna news saying "one year anniversary of not getting FT Island concert refunds."

KKVL said...

valerie: what's wif big bang's concert?da recent one in thailand?please elaborate..

i dunno..i've kinda lost interest in all this already.. they give me back my money..fine..thank you.. if u don't i'll bloody curse em for life..

one fan's fren said.. if this goes on..and we decided to make a police report..and make it big and all.. will FT island actually end up being banned from malaysia?

i doubt it..after's not da faults of da FT guyz.. it's da bloody ci isn't it? i dunno.. dunno much abt his sirta stuff..someone please enlighten this matter?

Valerie said...

hey kkvl! hehe sorry, just mentioning big bang for comedic flare - trying to lighten up the situation. they've been on a pretty big concert tour and, jokingly thinking, CIE spent the money on going to big bang concerts.

i agree with you that it's not FT Island's fault and if there's some kind of ban on them then it wouldn't be fair. they didn't do anything wrong. i think it's just bad organizing on the partners' end. It seems CIE is not taking the matter professionally and, with these setbacks, totally beating around the bush. FT Island is somewhat being shamed for it just because they are the more familiar name in the situation.

sorry i don't mean to dwell on the issue but i'm just supporting the k-popped gals and all the ticketholders. man, i visit this site at least 3 times a day.

KKVL said...

valerie: worries..lolz..i see.. well.. yea..big bang has been on a pretty massive tour lately..i was jokingly wondering if ci ppl actualy went up to thailand to watch ft's mega successful outing..maybe took a fe notes on how to organize an event properly..

no fears on da dwelling issue..for a min..i tot I was da oni one still talking abt the issue..a lot of fans seem to have quiten down..i've got 4 tickets wif me waiting for a refund..all costing rm180 .. sigh..i visit here loads too..and also da fan communities..visit every weekday..weekends too if i've got spare time in between..haha.. :)

KKVL said... more thing..tomoro's "the day"'re u guyz gonna do?just stay hme..or make a trip to cineleisure anywayz ( sounds pointless and not so bright..) ..


i just wanna know.. :)

-VoNNe- said...

I suggest we go,if agen we're getting ntg....I'd nicely rip CI 'board of directors' limb for limb.okay,jk.

But seriously,it's taking them LONG to refund and they keep on saying they will refund.

If they do not want to refund us our money yet then don't go announce that they will.

And they deff should learn more on organizing before they start taking business.The FT Island concert in Thailand went as smooth as anything.

It just sucks that they're doing such a thing like hiding away at a time like this. They're grown ups and yet they don't act like one...

Min said...

Ah! it's always delays or even false alarm.. Well, I hope CI better make this fast, if not impatient parents would get a lawyer for this situation.

KKVL said...

hmm..last of now..9.50 am on sunday..da very last day of their 2 week timespan..think this is last min's site's still whatsoever "update".. and for sharing the article i saw here( i've been literaly slapped in da face by da mod in another forum..for "spreading rumours".. mood's totally not good right now..

my dad's goin out later..not sure if subang parade or ikano..i think i'll tag along..if faith lands us in ikano..i'll take a walk to cineleisure if time permits..but i'm writing my own note of disappointment in advance..i'll be greatly disapointment..da oni thing i'll gain is some exercise for walking there and back to

KKVL said... didn't bring me to ikano after all..ended up at subang didn't check anything "related" out..sorry.. :) ..

so..anyone at cineleisure this afternoon?

Anonymous said...

it's been a month much longer can we take? cant compare david C to FT island(no offense).. their sucky organising and this refund thing all adds up. a fellow fan went to the ci office..nothing there apparently.
lame excuses after lame excuses...there's only so much we primadonnas can take. and i think it has reached its peak. at least please let the fan communities know what the hell is going on instead of just letting the server crash and leaving us in the dust like that.
we deserve to know what on earth is going on in their brains of the so called BOD.

Lot 111 in cineleisure is nothing but an empty shoplot.

CIE,buck up and tell us what is going on please.patience is wearing down fast

KKVL said...

^well said.. yes i agree..david c is kinda incomparable to ft.. i mean.. just da refund amount's enuf to contrast the situation..yes.. they shud at least let da fan communitities know abt their current situation..regardlesss good or bad..

my hope of em actually being responsible is not cos i'm concerned abt my's be good if my money were to be refundded..but it's the reputation of the general scenario..and ft; many parties who dun really understand the situation especially parents are deeming em as cons and unprofessional artistes cos of this incident..


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