Monday, 21 April 2008

First look at Lee Byung-hun's Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow & The Baroness: Lee Byung-hun (left)
and Sienna Miller pose for G.I. Joe

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun is set to portray Storm Shadow in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie and here's a first look at his character! Eh, he's not in his full gear is he? Where's the mask?

Fight club: The characters are set to do battle
in this get-up

Leisure time: While Storm Shadow has a casual set of clothes,
The Baroness is always in her black leather suit? Oh wait, she has some
sunnies on for a "different" look

The white-clad ninja is best known for his history with fellow ninja Snake Eyes (pic below), who is portrayed by Ray Park in the live action movie (now he is in full gear).

Snake Eyes

Throughout their history together the pair have been the bitterest of enemies as well as the most loyal of friends - they would even go so far as to die for each other!

In the promo stills above, Lee Byung-hun is with actress Sienna Miller, who plays The Baroness in the flick.

I see black leather, I'm thinking Catwoman....

The live action G.I. Joe flick is directed by Stephen Sommers (The Mummy, Van Helsing) and is set for a 07.08.09 (7th August 2009) release in the States.

Source & Pics credit: Newsen


Anonymous said...

it looks kinda cheesy to me

Orchid said...

Sienna Miller reminds me so much of Kate Beckinsale in that black leather suit! Actually i thought G.I Joe wears army fatigues.

Rooster said...

Maybe army fatigues are so 1980. Haha

Yea, looks they've loaned Sienna's suit from Underworld's costume wardrobe.

Valerie said...

nooo way. that's sienna miller?! i would've never guessed.

he looks pretty slick in that white suit.

Jennifer said...

~*~*LBH looks mighty fine in his outfits! :) *~*~


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