Tuesday, 15 April 2008

FREE Laneíge Water Sleeping Pack Plus sample

Do you ever wonder how Korean stars maintain their healthy looking skin? Laneíge and K-popped! invites our Malaysian readers to sample one of the Korean cosmetics brand's top selling product.

Give your thirsty skin a moisture boost and try out Laneíge's Water Sleeping Pack Plus moisture mask. Suitable for all skin types, this mask feeds your skin with intense moisture while you sleep! Just apply the gel-like mask before sleeping, and wash it off the next morning!

Water Sleeping Pack Plus
contains Vitamin E acetate, Toniskin and Bio HE. These active ingredients will protect your skin from harmful UV and environmental stresses, encourages the skin to mend itself and provides an intense moisture drink for your skin.

Hmm....sounds good no? It will give your skin a much needed moisture boost after hours of hanging out under the hot Malaysian sun. So why don't you try it...and oh, while you're at it, get your family and friends to quench their skin as well.

Laneíge is giving out 1000 trial sachets of the Water Sleeping Pack Plus.

Just print out the voucher below, fill in your particulars, and bring it to any of these Laneíge outlets : Jusco Mid Valley, Parkson Sunway Pyramid, Parkson Pavilion and Jusco Bandar Utama.

Redemption starts 15th April 2008, while stocks last.

Click on the voucher image to view and print larger version.
Please print on A4 paper, landscape mode.


pink said...

I used this before and it's really nice. In the morning my face felt very taeng-taeng and young (if that makes any sense)! haha :p

For my face masks, I'm currently using Etude yellow pack (w/ Vitamin E; gets rid of roughness) and blue pack (w/ Vitamin A; makes your face baby butt soft). Both are really nice and I highly recommend them if you can get those!

Orchid said...

@pink What's "taeng taeng"? Thanks for the feedback.

Ya i tried one sample of this mask as well. It smells nice and refreshing when you put it on before you go to sleep. Smells "aquatic" - fresh and blue. When you wake up the next morning, your face is supple (is that taeng taeng?) and well moisturized.

Liz said...

I like the smell too...and don't worry about leaving it on overnight - it doesn't stain.

Also, you won't be walking around with a thick layer of gunk on your face as it is ultra-absorbent.

Go on and try it out!

I'm guessing here, but I think pink's "taeng taeng" is Hokkien for firm?

Hearts said...

well I just got your message, and I'm sure by now the 1000 free packs are gone. :( plus I don't see myself going there with two kids in hand. :(
I didn't know they have Laneige in Jusco 1U. Other than this thing are their products really good? pricing ? very expensive? mid range?

Orchid said...

@hearts The redemption just started yesterday. I am sure they still have stock at the outlets.

The Laneíge Water Sleeping Pack Plus, 80ml is priced at RM100.00. Pretty reasonable.

Anyone redeemed yet?

Liz said...

@hearts, awww don't think like that, especially not without even trying!

If all readers think that way, then our 1,000 samples will not be redeemed at all :-(.

Has anyone successfully redeemed a sample yet? Do you like it?

pink said...

I just typed out this long ass post and then google/blogger login didn't work!!!!

In short, yes, 'taeng taeng' means firm.


Anonymous said...

Thanks K-popped!
I redeemed it yesterday @ jusco midvalley.
For those who still not redeem it.. i believe they still have a lot of stock (yeahh.. i peeped when she opened the drawer).
She also gave me other samples i.e. Star White Multi-Protecter and Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. She even offered me free make-up.

Orchid said...

@anonymous thanks for the feedback. ah the strawberry yoghurt thingy is pretty nice too. it's smells good enough to eat. and on the packet it says "DO NOT EAT" or something to that effect. ;-)

Orchid said...

hello...did anyone else redeem?

Hearts said...

well I went yesterday, and yeah still got samples. My sis in law took one too. but they didn't give other free samples and din't offer makeup trial oso.
Actually we waited almost half hour because NO ONE at the counter. Maybeline lady said they went toilet. Wonder why 2 must go together. SO we gave up, went shopping and returned later to claim.
Anyways, tried it....and ahhh... although skin feels smoother a bit, but there is mild burning sensation, probably due to alcohol content. So I think I stick with my Disseta product, which is really good lar.

Orchid said...

@Hearts! Glad to hear you got your sample.

I have not heard of Disseta products before. Is it available in department stores?

Hearts said...

Disseta can be found in 1U old wing. near Jusco. Outside, near elevator 2 floors below Popular. It's made in Italy, fully organic. Sounds like advert only hor? hehe..
okie doke.

Orchid said...

thanks Hearts. Will check out the brand.

Liz said...

Anyone else redeemed their sample already? Do you like it? Do you not like it? Some feedback would be interesting :-)

vonn said...

sorry for taking 7 months to reply to this d:

i got the printouts and went to redeem mine (back in april of course d:)

i didn't use the samples, but my mom did--she liked it and we went back to buy a jar of it.

should i try printing this again? super kiasu..bet they still have somemore to give away d:

Orchid said...

@vonn, try to just go to the Laneige counter and ask for a sample. They might give it to you.


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