Saturday, 12 April 2008

FT Island concert ticket refund date postponed...again

Sorry folks, but I guess many of us saw this coming, huh?

Like our dear reader KKVL has mentioned, the FT Island ticket refund exercise has been called off...for the second time!

DO NOT go to Cineleisure, Damansara tomorrow if you're planning a trip there to get your refund.

All K-popped! got from the organiser, C.I. Entertainment, was an e-mail that reads:

Dear all,

We regret to bring you this announcement. We understand that the ticket refunding is to be done on 13 April, Sunday.

However, due to the inability to settle certain legal procedures, we have decided that we cannot proceed with the ticket refunding process this weekend until further notice.

We assure you that we have worked to our best capabilities to quicken these pending matters.

We will be updating the latest developments from CI Entertainment within these two weeks. Please kindly visit CI Entertainment or Seoul ID.

Thank you.

C.I. Entertainment postpones refund date
Malaysia: FT Island concert refund process


Anonymous said...

People have to make a trip to get their money back? And the date is postponed again?!

Are they hopping people would just say "forget it"? All of this seems like it's not worth the trouble. I would be frustrated with the whole thing and say forget it,cut my losses and never go to a show put on by the organizers.

KKVL said...

thank you for mentioning my name..thank you...really appreciate

back to da topic..

miss-showers may be right.. maybe that's what they're playing at.. i mean.. if it comes frm our end saying " forget it"..den it's not ci at fault anymore..since we did willingly say tat..charges can't be presed against action can be taken..

i guess i'm lucky tat i live in subang jaya, and tat my parents havea liking to going there is not a problem for me.. if it was some place like sg wang or 1 utama where da traffic is usually chaotic..den yea.. i'd be singign a different note here.. advice here is.. NEVER say "forget it.. it's not worth da trouble anymore..i'll take it as i was a victim in a snatch theft or something.." DON'T.. these ppl need to know tat they need to be responsible..if the show could not be carried out.. they need to do da right thing and refund da ppl's money..da government instilled moral education and civics into our education coricular for a reason..

Anonymous said...

hah!!!!what a joke it is......if they are relly serious with this refund they should confirm it correctly.....

how come they do like this....this is not a joke, are they think we can easyly can be cheat by them

however i will not let them go
i want my money back...
i will wait until i get my money
and i will not say "forget it"

i think they should be sue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jung said...

Sigh, as expected. I really suggest CI-Entertainment to close down after the refund since they are irresponsible and useless, being unable to handle a mere problem.

Sad thing, my comments might be too sarcastic hohoho. They deleted my comments in Seoul-ID and didn't allow my comments to be shown to the public. Thank god I saved the comments as I knew they will definitely delete my comments. ;)

1) April 2nd.

We demand an explanation behind the cancellation of the concert. The organizers promised to post up the reasons behind the cancellation of the concert soon, or to be exact, on Monday.

It’s already Tuesday, hello?
We are still waiting for you people to give us a firm explanation regarding the cancellation of the concert.
Yes, you might say you people have said it many times, it was due to management decision at the very last minute that caused the concert to be cancelled, but can the organizers and people in charge explain further, in a more detailed way?

It is simply irresponsible, rumours are spreading fast and if you do not handle this in a proper way, without telling us a plausible reason behind the cancellation of the concert. Many will start spreading uncontributive rumours and bring troubles to many parties. In the end, does it bring any benefit to anyone?

Yes, I know my comment is not going to be shown to the public. I might be wrong, therefore, correct me and proof to me that I am indeed wrong. It is a very typical case, in which you will only allow good comments, and not bombastic comments to be shown to the public whereas the malicious and bombastic comments will be deleted.

2) April 3rd

It is funny how my comment is still awaiting moderation while another person who posted up his comment later than I did already has his comment shown to the public. Oh well, as expected.

If you can’t deal with bombastic and malicious comments, how are you going to handle a mere problem.

3) April 4th

Sigh, when will fuckers like you people understand the current situation and do something appropriate and learn your lessons instead of repeating your mistakes again and again.

So what now, the date for the refund is changed? Now we doubt if the money will really be returned. I suggest you people to close down the company after the refund and I believe everything will be settled down. As simple as that, an irresponsible and useless company has no rights to stand up to the public and to handle events.

Anonymous said...

"ii think that they don have enough money to refund... lol.. or they keep on postponed.. until they get a plan to run away .. lols.. they are rubbish ..." --quote from jiawen93@soompi

how true...rubbish xD

Anonymous said...

what i must say is that most of those who bought the tickets are students and you think those tickets are cheap? come probably starve themself in order to get the tickets, i cannot believe that those CI people, they can still fake out that "oh i am very upset" in their own blog and cyworld, to me, those that are really upset would be FTI and of course the fans.

amy said...

C.I is not looking really good right now. Meanwhile FT Island is gonna be rocking in Thailand today. So far so good it seems. Did I mention CI is not looking good? Yup, they really look like the bad party now. And I mean they look like, not they are

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's up with CI but they really need to be more responsible in this kind of situation. They must also be considerate of those who will travel from far places just to get their refunds.

So CI, clean up your act. You've already disgraced yourselves so don't disgrace yourselves even more. Feel sorry for yourselves! And give a really convincing explanation why it was cancelled.

Anonymous said...

haha!! thot proceedings can take forever.

Wish i was in BKK right now..*sob*, but hell i dun like standing concerts n it sucks if everythings gonna be in Thai...

KKVL said...

jung: well..look on da bright least they've read ur reply..if not..they wouldn't have seen it as "bad" and deleted it..good for u!..u've got ur message thru to em..whether they take it seriously and do something's another story..

when i told my mum abt yet another postpone..she's like.. "see..i told they ran away..welcome to da real world..where taking money frm u's easy..but when u want ur money back..hmm..not tat easy..u'll be lucky if u get half of it back..." i know she said it in a rather harsh way..but she's not wrong..

i've tot it over..if we DO get da refund..just put it in a pillowcase..hopefully some other BIG TURSTED EXTABLLISHED company'd pledge and bring FT back..for da sake of clearing tehir reputation wif parents of da majority of their young school student fans..or whatsoever tarnished image tat needs to be set staright..den we can take da moeny outta pillow cases and put it into it's meant use..

if *touch wood* we dun get our money in they cheated us..may god "bless" em..i've come to da extend where i can't react to it anymore..i can oni be proactive..they're just too rubbish for me to react's not worth me reacting..

i also agree wif da statement tat most who bought da tickets are students..even da cheapest's not a small amount to a student..i'm also a student..tho a college student..i also run on an allowane..where i need to spend on other college neseccesties..with all da expenditures..i daresay say a lot think like me..we wanna get da best possible ticket we can afford..i lived on da cheapest food i could find for a perod of time in da cofee shop..inorder to save enuf money for my ticket and also da overpriced album..i did not hesitate at all eating cheap nasty food cos i really wanted to see da guyz and i was willing to make those sacrifices..taking money and not returning it frm this sorta ppl..namely students's really bad..

karma exists..what goes around..comes around...

Johan said...


Oh well. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow for a bit.

Snapper said...

are ppl ever gonna get their money back? this is ridiculous!

Valerie said...

CI Entertainment probably spent all the money going to Big Bang's concert.

This is ridiculous! I hope ticketholders get there money back...WITH INTEREST!

kpop_rub said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i do agree with kkvl...KARMA that's it
i still remember what thse CI ppl said when they leave kpop kingdom
maybe, this is what they get for doing that...

milk11 said...

keep and keep postponed.
i really agree to KKVL.
that's not easy to want your money back.
and do you think now the CI ppl have money to refund?
Even the manager of ticket charge also couldnt find CI's boss
i think ticket charge is going to report this matter to police
actually no one of us want CI to close down
if CI did it good

now we just want our money back.
we also feel pity to the ci workers.
we are not cold-blooded.
stop doing this dirty trick.
i really angry about the new rumour--the messy room.
if CI gives the money back to me.
maybe i can spend the only money to chase FT !

Anonymous said...

i bet there are ci people reading all these comments now..
kkvl,i agree with you 1254425346456 percent. :)

CI,dont think its that easy for us to forget about the concert.

Anonymous said...

I sent my friend to refund the tickets for us this morning, she got there and called me saying there wasnt any refund going on.

I really think CI is trying to run off with our money to save their own asses.

I think I'll need to consult a lawyer to see if we can sue them. Either they take the lawsuit or settle out of court. Which will mean they have to pay more than what they owe us for ticket money.

After all, they did state in black and white that refunds will be given and a deadline to do that. Let's see them run once they get a letter from my lawyer =.=

I want to use the ticket to buy other stuff!!!

lin, england said...

wow, this is unbelievable!!
i'm not an FT Island fan nor did I buy tickets for their concert, but I feel u guys pain.
horrible company thinks they can just get away with this? imagine how much money they have made if its 100 ringgit per person?? 10 people its already a thousand ringgit in the bag ok?? are they even going to think about refunding all the travel costs of fans who went to the concert venue and didn't get what they paid for?
My suggestion is that if your refunds are postponed again, or unsatisfactory, GO TO CI ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS (address in their website) together as a group, preferably with like a star newspaper writer/ any other journalist and demand an explanation.
It's all too easy for them to just post a pathetic apology on their website. you guys are really being taken as fools here.

KKVL said...

thanks for all da support guyz...really appreciate it..

lin,england: going to ci's office won't do much help..well at least frm what i've heard..someone's aunt followed da address stated on their website..and her aunt found the office to be empty..i'm not sure if empty meant abandoned bare empty or empty as in nobody there..but either's not a good sign..

and frm what i heard..those tickets tat didn't sell well were da cheaper ranged ones..thsoe rm100..150..and so on.. da expensive ones..are almost of not completely sold out..i'm quite certain da rm280 tickets are sold out.. so yea..imagine da amount made..

legal action.. my dad says we can send a letter of demand..but if they've already made a run for how those who owe money to loan sharks do( sorry for da harsh comparison..i'm in a rush here..) .. den it's not much of use to do it..since there's no one at da other end to take action on..

to lighten up da dad made a comment i find comewhat amusing..he said..all da money these ppl've's not a small amount..they would've prob had sense to put it in a fixed deposit they're in a financial crisis..and are prob postponing da refund..prob waiting for da fixed deposit to mature..waiting to reap da

i went cineleisure today..the person at da counter said ci's still not replied to em yet..da most she could do was to provide me wif 2 nos of ci's personel( one will say he's frm production and doesn't know a thing..another won't even pick up da call..) .. anD their office mum thinks tat the police won't bother much abt it even if a buch of us go report..well..she has her point..cos this conjob as she harshly puts it.. is after all quite a small affair compared to let's say..da KLIA roberry or some other issue..mum does have a point..

valerie: big bang's concert?mind elaborating on tat?i'm interested in

again ppl.. i stress again..DUN GIVE UP...dun put too much hope into getting da refund back..and at da same time..dun let it affect u too much..think of it as u got robbed while waiting for da bus or something..u have every single right to get the refund..the owe us..more den anything..they OWE please..dun give up..hang on..

karma will prevail..karma will prevail..

Anonymous said...

DAMN, shud hv enter this site earlier. i didn't know it was canceled.....again, so i went to cineleisure this morning and i got nothing, no refund..called this guy and he said CI owed him RM170000, and he sounds like he's about to cry. idk, what i know now is that CI SUCKED soooo bad. Even the cineleisure lady said that they don't want to have anything to do with CI anymore.

Anonymous said...

oh god, someone PLEASE sue them, i don't have the power and money to do it. If you guys have the two things, PLEASE do it for everyone who got cheated by that stupid company!!!

Anonymous said...

Erm, Ci still exists?

I hope they sell their offices and stuff to get the money for refund. And they end up bankrupt and we all say bye bye to Ci.

Orchid said...

hi people, i hope you won't give up and wait to get your $ back. I don't know why CI Entertainment announced to refund so quickly.

I bought the David Copperfield tickets last year, but it was cancelled. It took me around 4 months to get my money back. I guess these things take some time. Hope you guys will not give up and wait.

Anonymous said...

i guess if u were to report to police, it's kinda difficult
so i guess, there's something like a department for consumer's right, you can complain there
or perhaps, like in china press they have this section specially for people to complain, or myFM they do have this corner where listeners can call in to complain

Anonymous said...

Am way beyond the tickets right now...okie, maybe coz I'm working so the money is sorta less important 4 me...but am watching snippets of FT's concert in Thailand..not sure if its the recent one or not...but am darn sore right now...coz we were so near to having the concert....n it got snatched away from THEY ARE PERFORMING for Thailand!!!!...How can they do this to us??? *$&%#^%*%^&#*(@

Anonymous said...

Isn't this getting ridiculous? For some unknown reason it sounded like their not going to refund at all.

3 strucked off.

well. legal proceedings may take forever. But there's number of people who bought the ticket. law suit threat would be a good idea.

KKVL said...

my assumption is that da whole legal procedure excuse is a whole lot of bull crap..i mean.. this is just a failed concert..what legal procedures can possibly involved?my dad thinks so too..

anwyayz.. PPL!.. PLEASE DUN GIVE UP! matter how long it's not so much abt da's abt what's da right thing to do..and the responsibility of ci to refund us..

vash said...

call me a sceptic or whutever..but do you know how much the money can tripple/quadruple in just a few days if they play the KLSE mainboard right? play the money for 2 or more weeks ..ka ching KA CHING! i'd imagine they'd wanna hold on to the stash for as long as possible to still squeeze some profit out of the disaster.

RealGunners said...

was at Genting hanging out with my friends on Saturday and Sunday, so wasn't aware of what's going on...

they do have lots of tricks up their sleeves don't they? mayb i'll blog again tonite, hmm...

KKVL said...

realgunners: yea..tricks alright.. prob waiting ..biddign htier time..hopefully everyone will just give up and say "Forget abt it..u bunch of losers aren't worth my trouble..."..hmpph..tat's so not gonna happen!..guyz!!.. matter how muchh da long da wait..hang in there! ..these ppl need to know da consequences tat come along wif their actions..

i dunno how tru it is or how this is gonna help..but i heard frma fellow fren..her mum talked to one of da ci ppl on da global fanmeeting day when ft came to msai..da person said there're a lot of em frm another kpop organisaation..kpopkingdom to be exact..den some internal prob and conflict took place(heard it was something abt cheating on da admin..something like tat..) .. den they all got fired alltogether at once..after tat..they joined ci..

miya said...

ahhhhhhh~ kpopkingdom dat got firedd~~ i heard it somewhere... from a friend actuallyy~ i heard that a lot got fired.. during DBSK 2nd live concert tour in malaysia... but seriously.. i want my money~~ i want to buy an ipod. LOL XD

Anonymous said...

kkvl: from what i've heard, the girl that was fired by yuri/kpop kingdom is nicole, the one that some ppl claimed that she's the director of CI, and so far i've know that there are 4 ex-kingdom staff who are working in CI.

KKVL said...

^ any idea if u can contact them and ask about da condition right now? let's not talk money first..ask abt their current things are looking for em..what went so terribly wrong till tghey had to almost cancel everyting...after we've understood da situation..den ask abt money.. it's confirmed..CI are actually mostly ex kpopkindom ppl who've been fired all at one go..they set up their own company in their existing field of work..guess they eren't good enough..(maybe tat's why theyg ot fired in da first

sigh.. they better do something and cough out da money..compared to other debts they might have incurred..this ticket money won't be very much..

Anonymous said...

^hi, i personally don't know them...sorry, can't help =)

Anonymous said...

oh ya, and i almost forgot, even the translator is from kpopkingdom

KKVL said...

^ what?! even da translator's frm kpop?i mean.. ex kpopkingdom?!.. omg..

it's ok..just hope they'd be decent ppl and give da kids back their money ..karma dudes..think of da karma..

RealGunners said...

unfortunately, in the realistic world of business, the M factor is always larger than karma.. M = $money$

if they do something bad and stupid, we'll be sure to screw them up..

KKVL said...

realgunners: yea..true..very da real business's all abt da money..

as in screwing em do we exactly do that? i mean.. yea we can talk and blog and rant allw e want..but it's not gonna get things done..go to da police..and they won't bother's not some big time heist..would da consumer association do?..sueing's not really worth it..i mean.. da legal fee's be way more den da most expensive ticket pucahse..though da reputaion at stake's worth loads more..

sigh..this is sad..da large majority of fans at victim here's are so young..

RealGunners said...

i thought u guys have a fan club or something? forget the police, they are taking too much a bashing in the politics front to pay attention to u..
if your fan base is large enough, surely some communication with the media would put CI in more bad light... i think...

KKVL said...

^ yea we do..but everyone's just all pisssed off..they wanna take some action..but most are clueless..see..most of em are eitehr strill in secondary school or just pain unsure..

we need numbers..lots of ppl to gather and make noise..den da media'd actually take notice of us..i mean.. i sent in a letter to da malay mail and the was pretty "heart pulling"..well..da way i phrased certain's already more den 1 week..10 days to b exact..still nothing..maybe it's cos oni one person "made noise" they didn't take much notice..

owh..are mags barred frm discussin or even mentioning abt da concert canelation?i noticed..they oni report on da press conference and autograph word abt concert calcelation or any discussion abt it..

Anonymous said...


ur statement caught my attention:
"CI Entertainment probably spent all the money going to Big Bang's concert."

what do u mean by that? Care to elaborate please?

Anonymous said...

*off topic*
what happened to kpopkingdom anyway? im curious about it..

KKVL said...


is it just me..or is CI's website not accessible??!..i tried both the main site and da seoul id site..but the browser can't open em..what's happening?!

Anonymous said...

kkvl.. its not working for me as well.. arggggggggggg

KKVL said...

seriously..what's happening??! .. i'm really really feels. (or is it true..for real..) .. they've made a run for it..and we're never gonna be able to find em again!..owh da reputation!..i'm not talking abt ci's reputaion( Who cares anyway...) .. it's da reputation of FT (many parents labelled em as a con..mind you..the number pf parents we're talking abt's massive!)

Anonymous said...

i have a bad feeling
anyway, i know the person from sinchew who sent reporter to sunway to cover the news regarding the concert cancellation
i will contact that person and tell her about the situation
hopefully the media can help in this case.

KKVL said...

^ YES!!

pelase do that...hope something will turn outta it..thx loads! :)

Anonymous said...


KKVL said...

^ NOPE..absolutely no idea..frm what ci last said..they're hainvg some problems wif pending legal procedures..will update da website within 2 weeks.. 1 week has already past..

NOW..da website is completely down..noone can access it..i dunno...

GOSH..this really's like as if they've really (if not already..) made a run for it for good..

seriously..when an event fails.what sorta probs will an events company face?

frm what ci has been saying (or giving excuses..)'s like as if there's oni one person working in ci..

Sa said...

Are they making us a fool.their websites are down,how the hell we are going to check for updates.I wonder why CI even exist.

KKVL said...

this is what i got frm asianfanatics..



someone told me that CI Entertainment is not going to pay back/refund

now their website is closed even their forum is closed

they can't pay us back due to

they spend it on FT management (which they already paid half)
hotel expenses
dorea restaurant
izzi restaurant
the stage and other expenses

so it is impossible for them to pay us back

what the heck!!!! took our money just like that... shhhiiitttt them offf


credits kpopjpopmpopcpop frm

Anonymous said...

What have happen to kpopkingdom?? Can anyone tell me


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