Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Lee Jae-jin's sister in showbiz too

Lee Chae-won (left) with Kim Ha-neul in the SBS drama On Air

FT Island singer Lee Jae-jin has an elder sister in showbiz. She recently appeared opposite Kim Ha-neul in the SBS drama On Air!

While her real name is Lee Jae-gyeong, she changed it to Lee Chae-won recently. She debuted as a fashion model and is reportedly signed with the same talent agency younger bro is with.

Lee Jae-jin at the Malaysia press conference, two days before
the cancellation of the FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia concert

Younger bro a.k.a. Lee Jae-jin is the bassist for the group FT Island, yes, the Kpop act that cancelled its Malaysia concert at the very last minute.

The 17-year-old guitarist not only plays in a band, but also acts in the KBS drama Unstoppable Marriage.

Source & Pic credit (1st pic only): Newsen


farah said...

out of topic: what's the famous radio in korea you can listen online? or you can download a widget or something to listen to.

Anonymous said...

ah! i thought you meant Jae Jin from Sechskies ^^


Anonymous said...

Wasn't she in 9 end 2 outs ? She was like the pretty young girl who worked at the publishing company with the lead actress? Lols idk js a question

KKVL said...

farah: i think tat'd be arirang..well..it's da oni one i know.. :) ..

Valerie said...

the top pic she kind of reminds me of jeon hye bin.

Anonymous said...

farah: KBS kong =)


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