Friday, 11 April 2008

Miss Korea vs. Miss Japan

Miss Universe, Miss Japan and Miss Korea were spotted together during an event in Tokyo on April 8.

Vogue: Beauty queens in a row

Miss Korea Lee Ji-seon (pic above, left), recently crowned Miss Japan Hiroko Mima (centre) and reigning Miss Universe Riyo Mori of Japan were seen striking a pose for the photogs.

They may be sharing the limelight now, but come June 2008, 24-year-old Lee is set to go up against 21-year-old Mima for the diamante tiara, bouquet of flowers, sash and oh yeah, that little thing called the Miss Universe title :-).

This year's Miss Universe pageant will be held in Vietnam! Here's a closer look at the competing beauty queens.

Miss Korea Lee Ji-seon VS Miss Japan Hiroko Mami

Round 1: Winning the title - Miss Japan seems to be more
enthusiastic about winning the crown.

Round 2: Pretty as a flower is Miss Korea

Round 3: Sassy chick - Miss Japan strikes a side profile pose with
lots of attitude

Round 4: Oooh, attitude again from Miss Japan. Nice.


jehan said...

i'm sorry, ms. korea is really beautiful.. but seeing that last foto of ms.Japan having that winning attitude, i think ms.Japan has greater chances of being noticed in the upcoming competition. because if you research on the ms.Universe winners from Asia, the judges of the pageant seem to have a taste.. you would notice resemblances of the past winners from Asia.. i dont know, maybe it's just me who sees it but i also heard sometime ago that ms.Universe 2007 ms.japan's beauty is classic -- a classic Asian beauty...

Ru said...

Yea, I agree with you Jehan. Ms. Japan displays so much energy and spunk, meanwhile, Ms. Korea has the same expression in every photo!

Anonymous said...

Miss Korea ( in the last pic) looks like she had her nose done.

Anonymous said...

I think Honey Lee coulda won it had her answers not been so conceited and superficial sounding... I thought Koreans liked humbleness?

Seems like people really dont like Miss Korea this year... Miss Korea has had so much work done. She doesn't even look like her formal self. In that first pic she almost looks white o_O

Valerie said...

wow. those are some fierce legs.

Chianz said...

Ms.Korea was absolutely looking more gracefully and elegant if compared to Ms.Japan ^.^'' Ms.Korea is more pretty n glamour!

PrincelyLuna said...

i really like the reigning Miss Universe from Japan, not only due to her beauty and sweetness, but also because i find her very natural in the way she conducted herself during the competition especially in the way she answered questions addressed to her. most of the contestants looked 'fake' ... and tried too hard to look beautiful and confident including (sorry to the fans) Honey Lee, the Miss Korea. judging from these pictures of the new Miss Korea and Miss Japan, i think the latter is way better, in the look department and also personality.

Anonymous said...

man, miss korea is and acts plastic. can't she muster up some personality?? (i'm korean btw)

Anonymous said...

uh god, I think both of them are kind of unattractive. Hopefully the other Asian countries will be better >_>

Korea looks terribly bland (and pale) and Japan is remarkably manly looking in most pictures (though she looks okay in her swimsuit glamour shot).

I'd say, judging from these pics, Japan will prolly rank higher than Korea but neither will place.

sLaVe said...

She looked so ugly in these pictures:

Anonymous said...

this is going to be in vietnam?!?!? when is this gonna start and air on t.v. please reply

Anonymous said...

i think that miss korea is really more beautiful, but miss japan has more attitude.

but this probably is because in korea they tell you not to be all excited and stuff. you have to look dignified. in japan, especially with the younger generation, they can do pretty much whatever.

for example, the whole ganguro look thing.
do that in korea, and that's a serious social faux pas.
i think miss japan kind of run-of-the-mill, to tell you the truth. kinda plain.

(a whole different country) for miss usa they always pick the plainest girl, i think=_=;;

(back to asia) miss korea was pretty. not stunning; just pretty.
and i'm korean, so that's kinda...;

miss japan is....not pretty;;.
miss korea is....fakey.

they both should be replaced for being (japan) coarse, and (korea) plastic.


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