Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Oh Ji-ho dominates Malaysian TV programming

Can somebody please inform the delectable Oh Ji-ho (pic left) that he is the man of the moment on Malaysian TV?

He should fly over to Malaysia for some promos - a little meet-the-fans session, a little chit chat and dinner with K-popped! know, stuff ;-).

Uh-huh, fellow couch potatoes out there - yeah, I'm talking to you - the 32-year-old's dramas are currently being aired on the small screen (on different channels) and if you're a fan, you'll be deliriously happy to know that you can watch the hunk every Monday to Friday! Oh joy.

Make a date with the Korean actor at 9pm every Monday & Tuesday over at the KBS World network (Astro Channel 303).

His latest drama Single Papa in Love may be coming to an end (the final episode airs next Monday - May 5) but I'm still enjoying its run and look forward to watching it; unlike the time when I was forced had no choice but to watch the final episode of Bad Love because Orchid was too busy to review it.

Single Papa in Love

Not interested in prime time dramas and prefer late night shows instead? Well, then how about meeting up with Oh Ji-ho every Wednesday & Thursday at the KBS World channel again?

The actor appears in the 2004 drama Second Proposal at 11.15pm. Oh, just checked the schedule at KBS World and it's the 16th (and last, I presume) episode tonight?

Update May 1st - Labour Day!: Second Proposal has 22 episodes thus the 16th episode is not the final one as presumed.

A Second Proposal

Have no fear, all you Oh Ji-ho fans, 오빠 will still be entertaining you through the small screen on 8TV (Astro Channel 708) because his 2007 drama Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung just started airing this week!

Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung. Uh-huh 오빠 puts on a
fat suit for the drama

This means, you'll get to watch Oh Ji-hunk every Monday to Friday from 8.30pm onwards! Isn't that a sweet deal now? Hmm, not quite actually, because the Korean dramas on 8TV are all dubbed. Ah well, you'll just have to get used to 오빠 conversing in Mandarin.

Bummer :-(.

I for one, ain’t gonna waste my time watching the dubbed version...even if there’s hunky


Anonymous said...

how come it's in Mandarin? why not the national language of Malaysia (Bahasa Malaysia)?

Orchid said...

@anonymous. It's in Mandarin because it is geared for the Chinese speaking community in Malaysia. Most k-drama viewers are Chinese educated or can understand Mandarin. erm...most of 'em, but not all.

luvheart said...

Since malaysia is a multiracial country, in order to cater all viewers, tv station had devide their slots to malay/chinese/india viewers... that why korean dramas are dubbed in Mandarin since this slot is mean (originally) for chinese viewer.

hiro-san's mom said...

second proposal has 22 episodes as written in kbs world's website =)

~*Jennifer*~ said...

Oh Ji-ho is so HOT! He looks so good in Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung.

Just thought I mention that LoL :P

Liz said...

Hello hiro-san's mom, I tuned in last night to see whether it's the last episode and it isn't! :-) Yay.

There are 22 episodes?! Kewl. That means the series will be running for another 3 weeks! :-) 아싸!!!

iciviuja said...

ugh! i hate dubbed dramas... i'd rather download them in my pc than watch dubbed versions on tv. if they can air japanese dramas in its original language then why is it so hard to air the korean dramas in the korean language..? and here i thought that japanese stuffs are more expensive.. don't they know, with an already subbed drama it's easier for us, the viewers, to learn more on how to speak the original language by listening and imitating them..?

wawa said...

nobody likes the dubbed version! hehehehe...

@anonymous, luckily it's dubbed in mandarin version rather than a Malay language! i can't imagine all the doraemon's casts voice will be used in k-drama! isn't it funny...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I'm Chinese but I really hate it when Korean dramas are aired in Mandarin. I guess because its nicer to hear to the real language. Maybe there should be 2 subs. One in Chinese and one in Malay.


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