Monday, 21 April 2008

Rain spent last weekend at home

Err...not at my home but his own house in Seoul. ;-)

An-nyeong-ha-se-yo...I'm home & happy to be back!
Rain returned to his homeland briefly last

to promote Speed Racer & for some much needed R&R

Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) returned from Berlin (where he's filming Ninja Assassin) and arrived at Incheon International Airport last Saturday.
The South Korean actor and singer was seen arriving wearing a pin striped suit, green shirt and straw hat. He was listening to his iPod and carried a Louis Vuitton bag at the arrival hall.

Rain arrives at Incheon airport clad in a
pin-striped suit and carrying an LV bag

Fans of the 26 year-old World Star was there to greet him. Korean fans are really proud of their star as he will be in TIMES Magazine's coveted 100 of the World's Most Influential People list once again this year! [Cast your vote for Rain on The 2008 TIMES 100!]

Rain spent last weekend at home recuperating from his long flight and also spent some precious time meeting his family and friends. With his hectic schedule and numerous projects, i'll bet he hardly gets time off to do these things.

With a strict diet and all that ninja training, Bi's legs
look like sticks now. He is training with the same trainer
who trained Gerard Butler and the men in the movie 300!

Bi will fly to Hong Kong to promote Speed Racer on Tuesday (22 April). He will also be attending the Speed Racer screening in Los Angeles on the 25 April 2008 at The ImaginAsian Center at 7:30pm.

Read more about the LA Speed Racer screening and how you can win a chance to meet with Rain himself at the screening on ImaginAsianTV!

Pics credit: Indulging in Rain's World

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Liz said...

oh no, he looks like a girl.

Valerie said...

wow. he really looks lean. his chin is so sharp...or angled.
::sigh:: oh how i miss the full house days and the pudgy tummy you managed to get after filming speed racer.

fraulein said...

Nice pics !

Have I seen that navy blue suit before? One of the rare occasions he ' recycles' his stuff....

Like any self respecting celebrity, oppa rarely puts a foot into any airport without his LV luggage = )

Carolina said...

Oh no....he's going to LA?? OMG not again!!!....I wish i knew someone from LA....snifffff.....yeah he's skinny but still looks soooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

my friend will be interviewing him on the 25th!

wawa said...

rain... how i wish he still has the same style of hair just like in A Love 2 Kill...

huhu... how i wish he'll do a promotion for speed racer in m'sia!


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