Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Want to see Kwon Sang Woo dance the Rhumba?

Well, then you have a reason to catch the SBS Special Drama entitled Daemul (대물).

News has it that Kwon Sang Woo is now taking dance lessons at a dance academy in Gangnam, Seoul learning how to dance the cha cha, rhumba, jive and samba.
He will be practicing five days a week to get the dance moves down pat.

It's for his role in Daemul! The SBS drama is a big budget 10 billion won production. Go Hyun Jung will play the female lead in the drama.

Shooting starts in May 2008.

File pic of Kwon Sang-woo sshi dancing in the Philippines (2006)

Pic credit: Kwon Sang Woo Singapore Official Fanclub

Source: Starnews

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Liz said...

What, not learning the tango? Bummer :-).

Valerie said...

ooohh...a dancing debonair in kwon sang woo. i can't wait to see this!

on the same not as liz, i would love to see ksw tango...that is a pretty complex dance.

no way! when did he go to the philippines?! no wonder the girls' outfit kind of looked familiar to me.

Anonymous said...

wow! can't wait too... hope this is not a soppy movie. i think he can't do tango; need a certain look for that. salsa, rhumba... yummy

Liz said...

cha,cha,cha...1...2...New York, 1...2...cha,cha,cha

Hmm Rooster do you still remember the impromptu ballroom dance class we got ourselves into?

The one where the dance Teacher didn't have enough student and when we turned up to enquire about it, we ended up dancing for the whole duration of class..for free.

Man, that was a weird but fun experience :-). Too bad the dance teacher didn't look anything like KSW Oppa. :-P.

jehan said...

@ valerie:

ksw i think came to the philippines during the launch of The Face Shop, if im not mistaken... cant really remember the exact date but i think that was early last year...

Anonymous said...

oh really? where did he go? where in the phil?

Anonymous said...

Kwon Sang Woo learning how to dance for his new drama. Choi Ji Woo should have been his teacher because she's a dance major in college. I guess they didn't pick her for this drama because she's still young to be a female president. I think the actress they picked is much older than Ji Woo. Too bad, the drama could have been real good if he collaborate with his STH partner, Choi Ji Woo. I'm still hoping they will one day soon they'll be partnered again.


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