Wednesday, 21 May 2008

2008 Korean Music Festival pics and more

xiah sings 2kmf2008
DBSK's Xiah Junsu sings the Korean national anthem
at the 6th Hollywood Bowl, Korean Music Festival 2008.
[Pic credit: 13miracles]

What actually went down at the 2008 Korean Music Festival?

I heard that it was an absolute success. Concert goers who went had a blast! You can read all about it in the forums. Everyone had such a good time that i wished i was in LA that weekend so i could attend the concert.

It was a truly Hallyu star-studded event hosted by Brian Joo (FTTS) and Ock Ju Hyun, artists such as Fly to the Sky, Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ), SG Wannabe, Super Junior T, Girls' Generation (SNSD), Lee Minwoo, Chae Yeon and others (others meaning, i read the names, but they seem foreign to me) shared the stage.

Where : Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA
When : Saturday, May 17, 2007
Time : 6:30 - 11pm

Oh what a night! Were you there? Did you have a good time?

Brian Joo and Ock Ju Hyun
were hosts for the evening

DBSK's Xiah Junsu opens the show by singing the
Korean national anthem backed by a black choir.
Now how did that go?

Chae Yeon and her dancers hit the stage

Girls' Generation greets fans
[Pic credit: Joyyang]

SG Wannabe serenade with their ballads

Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky) is that you?

All 5 Dong Bang Shin Ki on stage...awesome!

Juicy gossip that popped out after the eventful night is...whether DBSK's Xiah Junsu and Girls Generation's leader Tae Yeon are an item. Both Xiah and Tae Yeon couldn't keep their hands off each other - even on stage! At the end of a performance, Xiah gently reaches out to touch Tae Yeon's hands. The pair have also been spotted in a mall together. Do you think they make a good couple? Are they dating or just good friends?

Xiah reaches out to Tae Yeon on stage.
Could they be more than friends?

More awesome photos from 13miracles...

Fly to the Sky's Brian Joo looks so cute as he winks to fans.
Don't you think he looks like Bi?

Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky)...did you put on weight?

Girls' Generation

Xiah's girlfriend? ;-)

Shirtless Minwoo

Suju T sings trot in their garish outfits * blech *

Rising Gods of the East (동방신기) close-up individual shots...

TVXQ's Hero makes the girls go wild

Micky my man! ;-)

Baby Max looks lost

U-know the de facto leader of the group
is a mean dancing machine

Mr Poster Boy of the night himself, Xiah Junsu

Now, if you were there, tell us your experience. =)

Source : Soompi Forums KMF 2008 thread

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Liz said...

Nice pics!

Yeah, Hwanhee looks like he has put on some kilos. And Xiah with that SNSD girl? Mmmm, interesting.

hyperX said...

Very nice photos over there! Korean pop rocks! Ya Hwanhee did looks fat a little. haha! Keep it up!

erv said...

hello !!

uhhh.. liz. u heard about the news already.yea.. am waiting for Junsu to clarify this. lols. owels, i have to accept for the fact that it may be true since there are already pictures proving it. :(

*comforting myself with lotsa candies.

still in denial (:

kokobun said...

OMG!!!! i wish i was there!!!..and thanks for those pics!!especially the one with xiah and tae yeon..Emmm, wonder if they were dating??.hwanhee do look like he has put on some weight...

anyway thanks very much for the post!!!!


Anonymous said...

With DBSK in HB, we have no wonder why peace concert must be postponed.

Chianz said...

;'O aww... I wish I could be there.
Xiah n Tae-Yeon? ^^ such a sweet couple...

Anonymous said...

Brian is soo kiut.. I don't think he looks like Bi.

Btw, i read from Soompi that Heechul's grandfather passed away. Not sure when (probably on a concert day).. yet he still performed & kept up a happy image for the sake of the fans.

fieryheart said...

The emcees spoke English during the event right? I never knew Ock Ju Hyun can speak fluent English.
Hwanhee has beefed up since I last saw him.
Suju-T looks like ajusshis.

Anonymous said...

^ i guess they mc-ed in korean
last year, eugene and brian was the mcs and they used korean

Photomofo said...

Looks like it was alot of fun!

Anonymous said...

if you've seen the video of junsu and taeyeon, it's a mere brush of hands. it's like 2 seconds long... i don't think they are stupid enough to act like this in front of thousands of people on stage if they are truely an item. hope crazy cassies won't do harm to taeyeon...

amy said...


i'm still in the heart breaking moment after seeing the taesu picture.

i'm actually quite anticipating to watch all the fancam but definitely not this time. i would rather junsu have a total stranger as gf than someone everybody knows.

oh ya,this is my first time leaving comment here. i'm also malaysian.......hahaha......nice blog.....

Xiah's said...

NooooOOOOooOoOOo i think they are jus frens.

Anonymous said...

i think the taesu thing is real ^__^
i was there it was really overwhelming and i am so jealous of all the great fan accounts i saw on soompi

champong said...

i've never been so heartbroken after reading anything in my entire life. that picture of xiah and taeyeon is enough to send a dagger through my heart! sighhh...

Anonymous said...

There is no TaeSu only YOOSU

Valerie said...

That's a really cute pic of brian winking. so cute! He has such a flawless complexion too. hmm, Hwanhee still looks good either way. So seksi rockin' that fedora hat. Maybe it's just the lighting that's making him look a little bloated.
Junsu is SUCH a cutie patootie. I wouldn't be surprised if he was dating taeyeon. At least he's getting a little action shmaction. I find sooyoung the prettiest though out of all the girls.
I love that picture of changmin! He looks soo cute and he's growin up. All the boys are growin up. but i really like his hairstyle nowadays. Looks good on him and makes him look older.
Hero always looks good. Skin also flawless. I want to cut my hair like him. The choppiness looks good.
the SuJu boys look beat. seems like they just threw on their retro suits.

Anonymous said...

junsu and taeyeon are SO dating..LOL!!! the pics of them shopping together with their arms wrapped around each other are all over the net! it's cute.....

Anonymous said...

How come u miss to post the one that really make HB rocked down. Even DBSK fans also cheered to him. Son Ho Young is the hype of the show. All fans stand up for him when he perform. Even beat DBSK when they perform after him.

Fangirls can be so blinded. Even TaeSu is real. Why must be bothered. After all, they human too. Do you want them to be gay. Duh.

tnt said...

i was there and it was bomb! i loved every second of it. everyone knew that DBSK was going to perform last and before Brian could even announce them, only saying "Dong Bang.." and then a bunch of screaming. DBSK really brought down the house. =] oh! and Son Ho Young did a great job pumping up the crowd. Everyone was on their feet! Even the ajummas and ajusshis.

oh fyi. the crenshaw choir group weren't back up singers. they sang the U.S. National Anthem and then Xiah Junsu came out and sang the Korean National Anthem. =D

Anonymous said...

i so agree valerie
sooyoung is beautiful! Even more stunning in person...I don't understand why people go gaga over the other girls... They have nothing on SooYoung(looks wise)

and anon, as great as hoyoung was(i have always adored that guy) dbsk were the ones who brought down the house!

Anonymous said...

Ock Ju Hyun has an incredible voice! And Brian was super ADORABLE as usual!!!

AzNDudE said...

awsome pics!!! xD

KKVL said...

hahahahahaha.. oni tat day when m fren and i were talking abt the haptic CFs.. she was telling me.. laods of ppl have been bashing here and there..cos DBSK and SNSD were like kinda "close" in da CFs..and i's like.. why can't they realise tat DBSK anda ll are just ordinary ppl.. they gotta fall in love and all some part in time.. and i went on saying it's just a matter of time when one of em will come out in da open and say.." look..i'm intersted in someone.. it's a fact.. please..just give us ur blessings...".. of fren doubted it'll ever hapen..too risky she says..

what do ye know.. now.. these "rumours" surface!.. and of all ppl.. my junsu!..haha... dun get anything wrong..i'll be mega happy for em if it happens and will oni wish them all of da best.. :)

in da back2back shots of tawyon junsu posted.. da first few snaps..i tot teh hand was on her ass!..haha.. till i looked

yea. i agree with a few others who commented here.. no matter how madly deeply head over heals they are of each other.. they'd have enuf sense to withold themselves frm acting like tat on such a HUGE

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! These rumors are getting out of control! On ShenYuePop's forum there was a thread on a new scandal involving two of the SNSD girls (Jessica, Tiffany) spending the night in TVXQ's hotel room so that Junsu could spend the night with TaeYeon! This was reportedly from a hotel worker that overheard the SNSD girls talking about it.I hope this isn't true!! This could ruin both group's career... what is going on!? Oh my blood pressure.... I'm going to take a rest from the kpop world and hopefully things will get cleared up soon. I won't believe anything until Junsu or SM confirms it....ahhh

k-obsessed said...

@ anonymous yeah that might be really be shocking if that was true because we all know that they are really too innocent to do such a thing. But.....
Warning this might crush fans hearts):
On the other hand though, I'm not surprised since seeing the "Anycall" ad featuring both bands. I think that might have started the rumours (the flirting in the ad was soo hilarious though)

Anonymous said...

I actually went to the Korean Music Festival. It was literally one of the most amazing nights i've ever had. Everyone was having a good time, the screaming, die-hard fans, the performers were great, Super Junior, SG Wannabe, Fly to the Sky, and DBSK were hot! I do not even know some of the artists who performed, but after that night, I just wanted to look at their videos the whole day! After that day, it felt like I was not there at's so surreal.. Like i said, one of the best nights of my life...ever! Next time, you guys should come! you won't regret it :D

Anonymous said...

i don't think these SNSD/DBSK kids are innocent AT ALL!

Anonymous said...

Brain was awesome along with Ock Ju Hyun! She has such an amazing voice! I really enjoyed her performance with SG Wannabe! Fly to Sky was great! Chae Yeon was disappointing and I sooooo wish Epik High had been there as well! I gotta see them at least once before I die!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Brian was soooo cute! He really knows how to flirt with the audience! I hope he comes back next year!

MimieJay said...

nicee picts..especially YooChun's XD

WAIT!!! *reads* "micky, my man" what??? He's mineee!!! LOL jk!

anyway Brian doesn't look like Bi and Hwanhee does look slightly chubby to me..

Anonymous said...

omg junsu and tae yeon???is it true????

btw malaysian fans of ft island,
my friends and i are planning to get the names of ft island malaysian fans , that is those who wants ft island to come to malaysia again....anyone interested?? nothing that i can promise but we're trying our best...

anyone interested, pls email me at for more info...


Anonymous said...

i dont see anything bout them spending nite at the hotel at shenyuepop

and i believe taeyeon junsu not person like that

yes i do believe sumthing oing on between them
it's too obvious tho

Orchid said...

@tnt thanks for clearing that up about the choir. =)

Anonymous said...

Here's the video of Xiah singing the Korean National anthem.

Xiah - national anthem video

Anonymous said...

well I read it there but it seems to have been deleted. Don't know if it was comfirmed to be false but still when I read it I just had to sit back and cry a little

Anonymous said...

yes i also inferred from fan accounts and my own personal account that Junsu was seen going to Taeyeon's room by a fan!
I know from my own account that SNSD were staying on the 20th floor, Junsu was staying on the 15th floor yet he was seen going to a room on the 20th... the snsd room!

Cristy said...

The KMF was really fun. I flew out from NYC to see it, and it was completely worth the flight.

I wasn't close enough to see the TaeSu hand-brushing moment, but it really was just that: a moment of physical contact. The pictures make it look like they held hands, but you'll see it's a really quick thing in the video.

Ditto tnt's comment about the Crenshaw Choir and Junsu. The choir did the American anthem and Junsu did the Korean one. ^^

Anonymous said...

well even if he came to 20th floor doesnt mean they're doing anything

maybe just hang out

i believ they are real but not believing them did anyhting like that you know

if u and your bf/gf with bunch of ur frens too,ofcourse if it's you or ur bf will visit ur room,doesnt mean u guys gonna do something hahahha

Anonymous said...

Where the hell was EPIK HIGH?!

Anonymous said...

just... why dolphin? why?! TToTT


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