Sunday, 18 May 2008

Fly to the Sky goes on tour in July

Poster for the concert in San Francisco

Lucky fans in America will be able to watch Fly to the Sky perform live. The pair will be performing in Los Angeles on July 25 and San Francisco on July 27.

The boys will serenade fans at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA and the Chabot College Performing Arts Center in SF.

But before Brian Joo and Hwanhee head West, they are scheduled to tour Korea and Japan in early and mid-July respectively.

For fans interested to attend the San Francisco show, you can purchase tickets online at ONEGEN Productions.

Have you bought your ticket(s) already?


kpopfsho said...

JUSTTTTT got back from the Hollywood Bowl show. FTTS was "aiight." I think my favorites from the night were DBSK, M (minwoo), and Sohn Ho Young. SHY was a BIG surprise b/c i've never been a fan, but he was gooooood. totally pumped up the crowd. ahhhh-- it was so much fun!

Photomofo said...

I like FTTS. I like the guy with the lower voice more.

I liked their version of Chwi Joong Jin Dam (취중진담 )

Almost as much as Park Hyo Shins version


fieryheart said...

When are they going to perform in Malaysia? I'm sure they have a lot of fans here.I'm one of them.

cyndy said...

I sure hope FTTS will come ot Malaysia.. US is too far away to go watch them..

Anonymous said...

Brian looks hawt in that second pic.

NycGrl said...

wish they would come to New York. New york always get shafted. Besides how many Koreans live in SF.

coro said...

I Love FTTS.. really wish they cud come to malaysia :)
btw hello everyone.. i'm new here n i'm malaysian. i found ur blog interesting. Never knew there were malaysian who know so much about korean entertainment.. keep up the gud work


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