Monday, 19 May 2008

Go Speed Go!

It's a public holiday in Malaysia today so two-thirds of K-popped! is taking a much-needed break from...oh, things.

This is what we, and a few of our friends did today :-).

Coming soon: The Review :-)

"All drivers to your cars, please. All drivers to your cars."


Photomofo said...

Hope you all enjoyed it :-)

I read online that some group is gathering used SR tickets to make some big present for Rain. They want you to sign them and put words of encouragement on them and they will make a big "gift" out of them.

If you want more info just post here (with email address) and I'll send the info.

Anonymous said...

i thought the movie was great! and not b/c rain is in it either...i can care less actually if it was rain or another asian actor but it was nice seeing a familiar kpop star though in an american movie. i took my young nephew to see it at the IMAX and he loved it.

Liz said...

Heya photomofo, I threw the ticket stub away after taking the pic. Tee hee, guess I'm giving this project a miss.

Anonymous, wow, I bet it's better on IMAX! I enjoyed it, my only gripe is that the cinema hall we went to had very sharp audio. My ears hurt during the beginning race sequences and I had to cover them. Ouch!

fraulein said...

Wow, these fans are so " ON " and think of everything!!

Anonymous said...

I loved it! I think the movie rocks! I love the effects :) but I really don't know why must Rain go 'Whoa! Whoa!' so uncontrollably... like he has never won anything before sob....

Anonymous said...

the movie was so underrated
i was shocked it faired so poorly at the american box office


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