Thursday, 22 May 2008

Jang Nara to promote album in Malaysia

Really? Yay...I guess.

To tell the truth, I've not listened to her songs before.

But since the singer/actress is planning to make a trip to sunny Malaysia, I guess I should check her out on YouTube. Any suggestions on what I should watch?

It is reported that the 27-year-old talent will be visiting Southeast Asian countries - including MALAYSIA and Singapore - in June 2008 to promote her latest album. By "latest album" they mean her 6th album called Dream of Asia, right?

After her promotional tour, Jang Nara, who is already pretty popular in China, is considering a movie role.

I wonder which music label is bringing her into Malaysia? K-popped! ada peluang untuk menemuramah Jang Nara tak?

Source: KBS Global
Pic credit: IS


Anonymous said...

You should try Scars by Jang Nara. LOVE that song.

Me said...

She had come few times here already. She so famous with some of her song previous years ago. Just hope that the news will be confirmed by the local side. Don't give much hope on this too. Not that I give any hope on SuJu concert here. To think how crazy local organizer to bring those 13 boys duh. I think the music label maybe the one that used to bring her lah b4. Then, mb only Chinese media got that previlige for interview.

Anonymous said...

Pls do not let it me C.I entertainment.

fieryheart said...

Her popular old songs are Sweet Dreams and Ah Ma Do Ee Get Jyo from OST My Love Patzzi.
Her latest song,Scar is also nice.
You can give it a try.

noV said...

can't wait to see her in Malaysia...

MimieJay said...

she's coming?? oooh nicee! i love her since My Love Patzzi shown on Tv..^_^ btw, she's quite famous in China..she sings the Beijing theme songs too!

farah said...

go and listen to "it's alright" and "an heng bokae" (very sweet slow song)


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