Sunday, 4 May 2008

Korean cars at the Beijing 2008 Autoshow

I have to admit, show booths for the Korean cars have always been rather dull and conservative to me. With all that technology going on in South Korea, you’d think they’d make cooler cars. But I suppose this is pretty “cool” technology. Kia was showcasing their concept Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV: Sportage FCEV.

Hmm, wasn’t the FCEV revealed at the 2004 Geneva Autoshow? HellooOo, it’s 2008 already!
Anyhow, with planet earth getting destroyed and all that, at least Kia is doing their part on keeping green.

Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule, I wasn't able to go to the exhibition held last week. So I asked my buddy to get some shots of the Korean makes. Uh... gee, thanks for the TWO shots dude. ;p

Ssangyong's Kyron and the Actyon looking very lonely.
Hey! Where are the chicks?

That said, I had to scour the web.

Hyundai debuts their 2009 Elantra

South Korean car maker, Oullim Motors, launches their Supercar, the Spirra S.
Only 100 of these babies will roll off the assembly line in S. Korea this month.

GM's speedy little Chevy Aveo, manufactured at GM Daewoo, S. Korea.

I think that's it. Kinda bland I'd say. I'll stick to my American Muscle car, preferably with a Korean oppah sitting shotgun.

If you're looking for more sexy cars at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, Road and Track has pretty good coverage of the event.


Orchid said...

Rooster, i must say those two shots your friend took look pretty professional. But how come only 2?

The 2009 Hyundai Elantra look so roundish and not sleek. The Chevy Aveo on the other hand looks so angled.'s hard to please the masses. ;-)

Rooster said...

Orchid: My 'friend' (or rather, our resident paparazzo ;p) took other shots, but not of Korean cars. I guess the Korean line-up was not interesting enough.

Well, it's Autoshow season here in China, maybe I'll get to go to another one so I can post more cars. :D

farah said...

the motorshow here in perth only have one model posed for one car, the lancer...she's not sexy some more..

this is good, because they focus more on the cars, not the model..unlike motorshow in malaysia, totally different

Liz said...

ha ha ha our resident paparazzo took the pics? ha ha ha


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