Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Park Jin-young and Jackie Chan team up for Sichuan project

Super producer: Park Jin-young has written a song to
help raise funds for relief efforts in Sichuan

Kpop's super-producer Park Jin-young (JYP) and Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, along with director Kang Je-kyu, are set to compose/produce a We Are the World-like song to raise funds for relief efforts in Sichuan, China.

The project, which is dubbed Asia Is One, We Love Asia, will be produced by Kang (director of Taegukgi and Shiri) at the request of Chan.

Singer/composer/ producer JYP is the music producer. It is reported that JYP has finished composing the song for the project.

JYP Entertainment said: "Chan proposed a project that would show the unity of Asia. We have agreed to work on a song that will raise spirits during the difficult time in Asia, following the earthquake damage in Sichuan, China."

I can't wait. JYP's songs are good! :-)

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it is said that top Korean artistes and actors will be given the honour of singing the tune...hey, what about the rest of Asia? Can I croak in the background or something? Or play the triangle...how about the castanets? :-P

The song will be recorded when Chan visits Korea soon.

Source: The Korea Times
Pics credit: Hankooki & The Korea Times

Ahn Jae-wook donates to Sichuan earthquake victims


Orchid said...

Yeah i can't wait for the song too.

Anonymous said...

same here...JYP isnt nicknamed Asian Soul for nothing...
looking forward to their colaboration

Johan said...

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if I'm working out at California Fitness and suddenly, this song starts blasting throughout the gym.

Liz said...

Waah Johan, I see someone is not kidding when he said he's going for the sculpted look ;-).

R. W. said...

I cannot wait to hear this song!

Johan said...

@liz Yeah. Can't help it. If those guys are getting their bodies sculpted up, I reckon I should do the same too. Heeheehee. XD XD XD

Anonymous said...

Collaborations like this make me smile :)

Anonymous said...

"Can I croak in the background or something? Or play the triangle...how about the castanets?"

looooool... can you play the castanets??? you are too funny.. looking forward to this actually..

Liz said...

@ 3rd anonymous...yeah, I play mean castanets ;-)! Played around with them when I was in primary school...ditto the triangle :-P.

Anonymous said...

JYP's a genius. I'm sure the song will be good!


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