Thursday, 1 May 2008

South Korea's Gambler crew in Hype Nation

Top Korean B-boy team Gambler is set dance its way into the Hollywood flick entitled Hype Nation.

The US$25mil (approx RM79mil) movie will be helmed by Alex Calzatti, with record producer Teddy Riley as the project's music director.

Place your bets!: The Gambler crew battles it out with
B2K in Hype Nation

The story follows dance battles between the American R&B group B2K and the South Korean Gambler crew. Eight members of Gambler will leave for the US on June 1 to choreograph dance moves with B2K for the flick.

It is also reported that Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg is set to appear in the movie, which is slated for release in 2009.

Filmmakers are currently casting for a Korean female lead. Production begins July 15. Forty percent of the film will be shot in the US and 60% in South Korea.

The Gambler crew has won numerous dance competitions including the 2004 Battle of the Year in Germany, the 2005 U.K. Championship and the B-Boy Hodown in the United States.

Source: & Dark Horizons
Pic credit: KBS

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khamela said...


Valerie said...

haha. i thought they were actual gamblers. but wait, b2k broke up already.

Anonymous said...

:D cool! I love bboying...

ally_ankf said...

omo.. i met them back in 05" believe me.. bruce lee was hot^^
check them out:

Anonymous said...

idk how they are gonna pull this off B2k has no dam experience at how hard breakdanceing is they are gonna lose i hope this aint anything like a next you got served where gamblers cant do any more or anything because its too hard for the other guys. i better hope gambler crew brings back breakdanceing with this though i mean seriously how the hell is b2k gonna battle gamblers. i hope they make sumthin in the scrypt like they lose to gamblers but gamblers broke up and b2k broke up and they join each others team or sumthin and still show break moves.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous, Korea is one of the top breakdancing crews in the world, This isn\'t going to fly if B2K doesn\'t know anything except popping and locking, because breaking takes time and dicipline. I garuntee the koreans can pop and lock just as well as
B2K, if not better. But hollywood will try and make B2K look better because of the cast. Because in a real battle, The Gamblerz would smoke B2K like nothing.

Anonymous said...

GAMBLER is going to be in the movie...not the gambler CREW (who has bruce lee)

denise said...

So when is this coming out?


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