Friday, 9 May 2008 in Seoul says piracy is good advocates piracy and wonders why Korean pop sensation Rain is not big in, say...Brazil?

"Rain is huge now, but it (K-pop) should be bigger everywhere else but Asia. Why can't Rain be big in Brazil?", the Black Eyed Peas rapper and producer questioned during his talk at the Seoul Digital Forum 2008. 'Piracy is a bad word. I see it as a way to promote music.'

The Jamaican-American musician also gave the thumbs up for the unauthorised distribution of songs on the Internet saying, "Piracy is a bad word. I see it as a way to promote music. Piracy could be a good thing and it is a good thing. The only problem is there's no money in that."

"Music isn't in the CD anymore. It should make people look at the world better. Now, the power is in the people's hands," he said during his 40-minute speech entitled Entertainment: At the Forefront of Imagination.

The musician also talked about how powerful one's imagination is as it gave him hope while he was growing up in the LA ghetto. said: "I dreamed about show business, the music industry, and the dream has become a reality."

He added: "Music is the only thing that means the same thing everywhere. Music is powerful."

Source: The Korea Herald
Pic credit: Newsen


Anonymous said...

Rain does indeed have alot of fans in Brazil (i know quite a few of them)

Nozomi said...

I actually download a lot of korean music first before deciding on buying the CD. I did when i first heard about rain and Super junior but then i went back and bought the actual cds.

Carolina said...

Well Will.I.Am doesn't really know, right...come on, He is HUGE in Brazil and also Super Junior!!! I'm from Chile...and i've met tons of Rain Chilean fans and loads of Suju fans...the thing is that every imported music costs tons, so you have to buy it online, but then u have to have a credit card...and they just don't give credit cards to everyone....well...anyways...I used to download music, korean music i mean....but now i am a happy owner of all of SUJU's and Rain's albums :D Anyway, he should really make some research before speaking...

Samira said...

Well, I'm from Brazil and I LOVE Rain! I know a lot of Rain's fans in Brazil too...but I think everybody here downloads korean music, because it's very expensive to import albums or buy them from the internet.

Orchid said...'s so cool to find out that Hallyu stars indeed have fans in Brazil!

Annyeong Samira! :-)

Orchid said...

@samira and nozomi and our readers in South America...if you have any Korean influences in your neck of the woods, please take part in our K-popped! Around the World project. Send in a photo! =)

Maria Andrea Ortega said...

I'm Colombian and I love rain.
aja, aja, fighting!

Maria Andrea Ortega said...

I'm Colombian and I love rain.
aja, aja, fighting!

yuki said...

I'm from Brazil and i loveeee loveee Bi Rain! he doesn't know anything x_x
i like japanese jrock bands as well theres pretty much fans here, they are starting to coming to my country, i'll go to LMC concert soon :B its a progress, i would love to see Rain here my boy is japanese, he luvs Bi!^^ would be awesome~!


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