Friday, 13 June 2008

Big Bang and Son Dam-bi's wicked remix

Some musically-inclined Netizen(s) who calls himself/ themselves MixMaxx has/ have cooked up an absolutely wicked remix combining Big Bang's Last Farewell and Son Dam-bi's Bad Boy.

Big Bang boys

The Big Bang fans are liking it, I hear. The boys' Last Farewell (MV here) is a get-up-and -dance number that sticks in your head a looong time after you've replayed it for the nth time. Uh-huh, it's that addictive.
Son Dam-bi

However, Son Dam-bi's Bad Boy (MV here) is a so-so track that didn't quite register on the K-pop music charts when it was dropped sometime in May this year. It's nothing near Jewelry's One More Time - the kind of track that is in! your! face! even if you don't like it.

I've read comments by K-pop aficionados saying how these two tracks sound similar. They are right. The songs kind of share the same back beat and...umm, arrangement?

Enough talk, let the video by MixMaxx below show you. The songs meld pretty seamlessly and if Dam-bi's looking for a smash hit, she could perhaps "hop on" Big Bang for a free ride...if the boys don't mind. Happy Friday, friends!

Source: K-popped! reader Momo


Anonymous said...

that is a really hot track!

noV said...

'Last Farewell' is a really nice song & 'Bad Boy' is just ok i think?

but Son Dam Bi is still HOT for me...

Orchid said...

this song is nice original or remixed. very catchy tune...they've included "Everybody dance now" in one part.

Tan said...

I love it...

Valerie said...

it's pretty catchy. this could probably be bumpin' at the clubs soon.
and i wouldn't mind getting a free ride with the big bang boys. especially top.
most definitely, incredible.

Miss Manderley said...

"bad boy" was sort of just added at sidelines to "last farewell"... i guess just made it a bit better?

Nie said...

oh I know her!!
BIG BANG!! I love them!! Last Farewell is such a good song!!
and her song is ok

But I have to say that was a cool video!! It does sound like its the same and they do flow together

and some of the scenes on SDB's MV is like the one in "Last Farewell"

Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

BigBang HOT! Dambi BLEH! Haven't we heard this song before?

Anonymous said...

i LOVE it!!! omg, such a coinki-dink that i had both songs on repeat on my ipod while running this morning! i really like both, maybe this will spark a performance together with the mix? :P

nkeg said...

wow nice melding! i have liked both songs but i find big bang songs to get a little tiresome after listening to them countless times. so i gotta say i like the bad boy parts a lot better lol


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