Thursday, 12 June 2008

Han Ji Hye roped in for East of Eden

Han Ji Hye joins the cast of East of Eden

Hi peeps, gosh you guys are fast and yes Photomofo, it's true. The news just appeared in Newsen today that Han Ji Hye joins the cast of the highly anticipated MBC drama, East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽 ) .

Han reunites with male lead Song Seung-heon after 5 years. They were both in the 2003 hit drama Summer Scent (filmed on the beautiful rolling Boseong Hills).

In East of Eden, Han Ji Hye will play the first love of three men! Producers wanted a strong actress for this role to convey the pain, complications and secrets of the past relationships. After Han Ji Hye's performance in the recent KBS daily drama Likable or Not, producers feel she will be able to carry this role perfectly.

Who you will see in this star studded drama - Song Seung Hun, Yeon Jeong Hoon, Lee Da Hae, Lee Yeon Hee, Han Ji Hye, Yoo Dong Geun, Jo Min Ki, Lee Mee Suk, Kim Bum, Park Hae Jin, Sim Hye Sin etc

Production cost for this drama is a whopping 25 billion KRW with foreign investers from Hong Kong and Macao.
East of Eden is scheduled to start broadcast this August.

Investors signing on the dotted line for East of Eden

Pics credit: Yedang Entertainment, Newsis

Source: Newsen

Cast selected for East of Eden
Is Han Ji-hye Likeable or Not?


tofu said...

it's reunion for han ji hye and lee da hae too. they were in sweet 18 together, lee da hae played second lead then and now she is main lead.

oOFooi said...

Wow, that is a huge amount of money invested. Looking forward for this movie.

Orchid said...

@'s not a movie. It's a 50-episode Korean drama!

ana said...

that's sad.. she's only going to be supporting lead?..

Photomofo said...

This show is really shaping up!

Hope they don't screw it up


Anonymous said...

looking forward to it...i hope Lee Yeon Hee is the main lead...i hope it is going to be a good show***FIGHTING***

Anonymous said...

wow, a lot of stars, can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

the investors better earn some good amount of money back from investing because that is a large ass sum for a drama.

Liz said...

Oh yeah, that Dennis Oh actor is in this too. Could East of Eden do for Dennis what My Lovely Sam-soon did for Daniel Henney?


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