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Kim Rae-won promotes Shikgaek, rallies behind protesters

Gastronomical delight: Shikgaek the drama,
which stars Kim Rae-won (above) is all about food!

So there are two Shikgaek productions? One is the 2007 movie Le Grand Chef, which Rooster reviewed while the other is the new SBS drama that will start airing from June 16 (Orchid's birthday!) onwards in Korea.

The feature-length version stars Kim Gang-woo while the drama version stars heartthrob Kim Rae-won. Both productions are based on Heo Yeong-man's popular manhwa of the same name. Little wonder K-popped! got their Shikgaeks mixed up!

Co-stars: Nam Sang-mi (left) and
Kim Rae-won

Forgetful: 'For the 5th time already, I know.
I left my pants at home!'

In the Shikgaek (Gourmet Chef) drama, Kim Rae-won portrays chef-in-training Lee Sung-chan who travels far and wide in the name of his culinary exploits. Nam Sang-mi (Sweet Spy) will portray a country girl named Kim Jin-soo who trails the protagonist in the hopes of becoming a food columnist.

The My Little Bride actor underwent intensive training to be able to confidently display his character's above average culinary skills.

"We learned to cook from renowned chefs for three months before starting the drama. We wanted to offer the whole package ourselves - the food, the acting and the cooking," said 27-year old Kim as he showed reporters some of the "honourable" scars on his hands.

Support: 'Say no to US beef import!'

Filming Shikgaek also opened the actor's eyes to the superiority of Korean cuisine and tradition. It is reported that while preparing for his role, he learned why Korean beef is better than other beef.

Thus, the star isn't sitting on his hands and twiddling his thumbs when it comes to the controversy surrounding the import of beef from the US.

Kim Rae-won showed support for the cause by writing about his concerns on the issue at his personal homepage. He ended his posting with a plea to readers to remember the hard work Korean livestock farmers have put into raising cattle.

Source: The Korea Times & KBS World
Pics credit: Newsen

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