Thursday, 5 June 2008

Rain sings Kung Fu Panda theme

Rain creates a different kind of panda-monium

But before that...whoa, pandemonium in Malaysia last night huh, folks? Gridlock on the roads, lots of honking, tempers flaring and ALL petrol stations were jam-packed right after our Government announced the price increase in petrol.

RM2.70 per litre of petrol? Man, we've got to move around less...or sumthin'.

Everyone was racing to the pumps to fill up their car tank before the price hike took effect at midnight. Craziness to the max!

Now that I've got that off my chest, let's talk about a different kind of panda-monium - the kind that only Korean superstar Rain can create :-). has a behind-the-scenes video of Rain recording the Kung Fu Panda theme, courtesy of the movie's local distributor United International Pictures.

As anyone who is following this blog knows, the Energizer Bunny's version is only used in the Cantonese version of the movie. Hit this link to enjoy the video!

Everyone is kung fu fighting...

Screen captures credit: United International Pictures

Rain's Kung Fu Fighting track in Cantonese version of flick
Rain to release 5th album in October 2008
Bi to record theme song for Kung Fu Panda


비비안 said...

Omo... he sing the theme???

sure very kawaii....

Hahahahaha... can't wait to hear it..

Thanks for sharing it

marcel said...

:( sorry to hear about the increase in petrol in malaysia.. folks are mad at the per gallon cost flaring up here in the U.S. too.. what is the world coming to? i'm scared for the future O_O it's a good thing rain can cheer us up w/ his version of kung fu panda.. & after the earthquake in china there's little to laugh about these days..

Anonymous said...

got to get the old bicycle out of the stockroom

Liz said...

Hi marcel, yeah tough times ahead :-|...but yeah, at least we still get our dose of k-popped cheer :-)

@anonymous...ha ha, you are right.

Valerie said...

cute video! i haven't seen him laugh and goof around like that in a while. it's nice too see him like that.

Anonymous said...

this whole gas crisis is affecting you guys in malaysia too??? gas has gotten SO rediculously expensive in the US. i live in FL and it's averaging $4 for the cheapest grade. experts say it'll be up to $6 by the end of summer...that's almost 3x as much as it was just last year!

Liz said...

@hi anonymous, uh-huh, it's affecting us too. This recent price increase is a 78 sen increase...a really huge jump for us.

Our Government has been heavily subsidizing petrol for us but now, can't afford to anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rain's version of Kung Fu Fighting is used in Singapore theatres.

I hope no poor souls from SG actually went all the way to JB to watch the Cantonese version just to hear his version.

As much as I love the man, I will not do that for him.


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