Thursday, 26 June 2008

Red Cliff stars in Seoul

Red Cliff-ers: (l-r) Chang Chen, Tony Leung, John Woo,
Takeshi Kaneshiro and Lin Chi Ling in Seoul

Red Cliff, which is touted to be the most expensive Asian-financed film to date, is set to open on July 10 all across Asia.

The director and stars of the flick appeared to the Korean press yesterday (June 25).

The movie, which is directed by John Woo (Mission: Impossible II), has an impressive line-up that include Tony Leung (Lust, Caution), Takeshi Kaneshiro (Confessions of Pain), Chang Chen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and newcomer Lin Chi Ling.

Fruits: 'For today's special appearance, we will now
indulge in a fruit-eating contest.'

Budgeted at US$80mil, the two-part Chinese epic depicts the events during the Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China. The film is divided into two because there is too much material to be covered in a single feature.

The second part of the movie is reportedly scheduled for release at the end of the year (2008).

Sounds like a pretty awesome feature! A little out of topic here, but what do we call two-parted flicks anyway? If a film has 3 parts, it's a is a two-parter called a dulogy? :-P

While you ponder on the question, check out the awesome English-subbed trailer below. Oh, and look out for John Woo's signature dove-flying image...goodnes, it's even in the trailer!

The prayer: 'I hope to put in many,
many more dove flying in slow-mo sequences.'

The prayer: 'I hope I won't have to be in another
scene where birds are flying around me in slow-mo.'

The thought: 'I don't care about the birds,
can someone get me a better jacket?'

The thought: 'Note to self: Buy shampoo
after PC'

The thought: 'Man, these Korean chicks rock. Yay,
I'm gonna star in a flick with SHK soon.
I made the right choice - I rock too.'

Pics credit: Newsen

Song Hye-kyo in John Woo's 1949
Kwon Sang-woo wants Takeshi Kaneshiro


Jennifer said...

The trailer looks okay. It would have probably been even better if they had used a different track to introduce the actors because the one they used sounded like it came from the Oscars. :)

However, I'm still going to watch it as soon as I get my hands on it.

Tony Leung is FINE!(For an ajusshi) :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, John Woo comes from a very strong and devout Catholic background. He talked about this in interviews years ago. I don't know how personally devout he himself is but he has tremendous respect for his religion. The dove shows up in every movie because it's a symbol of the Holy Spirit (the 3rd person of the Trinity). He does it as a sort of honor to his religion.

Liz said...

Oh is that the reason why Anonymous? I didn't know that...interesting.

jicks said...

@jennifer: tony is fine, period!

i don't care about the jacket, he can def put his slippers under mu bed anyday XD

him or takeshi XD

wawa said...

when i went for a movie last wednesday in GSC OneU, i bumped into the poster of Red Cliff... the first thing i realised was 'damn, its Takeshi Kaneshiro!'...hehehehe!


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