Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A shout out to our Hawaiian readers


How's the weather in Hawaii? I know we have readers from the islands of Hawaii because i see that little green spot on the map light up a whole lot. ;-) This caused me to be curious about the Hallyu scene in Hawaii.

According to a article way back in November 2005, Hawaii was the doorway to Korean entertainment (especially dramas) in the U.S. market!

Tom Larsen, general manager for YA Entertainment, based in San Bruno, Calif., and exclusive distributor of English-subtitled Korean TV dramas in the United States, said the "hallyu," or the Korean wave, definitely began in the islands.

"Hawaii has been the doorway to the U.S. market," he said, "and KBFD is a big reason for that. They're the pioneers in putting English subtitles on the dramas from Korea in order to attract a wider audience."

~ Star Bulletin, Hawaii Hallyu, 28 Nov, 2005

Is the Korean wave still making crashes in Hawaii? Do many Hallyu stars visit? I know Lee Jun Ki was there. And Oh Ji Ho made a visit to Hawaii in April, 2007. It was such a shame that Rain's concert did not materialize in Hawaii though.

If you are a Korean drama fan living in North America check out YA Entertainment. They have exclusive North American distribution rights for the most popular Korean TV drama mini-series with ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Has anyone purchased DVDs from YA Entertainment? I bet the English subtitles would be of good quality. Can anyone vouch for this?

One Fine Day starring Sung Yu Ri and Gong Yoo
is one of the latest releases from
YA Entertainment at the moment

Lee Jun-ki arrives for Hawaii International Film Festival


jane said...

eya, their eng subs are pretty legit^^ i've a few [dvd] sets 4rm ya & i think they're most reliable

Orchid said...

@jane How did you purchase the DVD? Via Internet?

Joe said...

Yeah I once met an American guy from Hawaii when I was visiting London and he told me how Korean dramas were popular there, which quite suprised me.

Johnny said...

I actually lived in Hawaii for 2 years :P

Hawaii actually has a very large Asian population, and if anything, it feels more like Asia than American territory. ;)

I miss it!

Johan said...

The most beautiful woman I've ever seen is from Hawaii and she's half-Japanese, half-Korean.

Ever heard of Yuna Ito? Look her up. ^^

Photomofo said...

I've watched a few YA subbed Kdramas (Damo, and currently Jumong) and the subs seem to be good english...They usually dont sub the songs and things like "Oppa", "Unni", and "Hyung" get turned into the characters names from the show. (kinda annoying)

I have heard that they cut some parts from shows (scenes that were in the original broadcast, but are absent from the DVD version)

btw, I liked "One Fine Day" (I saw the Fan subbed version). Sung Yuri is gorgeous!

Christine said...

I saw Ya's version of My Girl--they did interchange "oppa" with the character name but other than that, I thought it was very good quality subbing.

kalei said...

Aloha! Yes the Hallyu Wave is still going strong here, you're able to buy Korean DVD's at local department stores now. I think the most recent visit was from Fly To The Sky who held a concert here, definitely one of the best show I've seen.

baolee said...

I haven't bought any dramas from them lately cause I've been watching it all online, but I do have a few that I bought few years ago. The subtitles are great! Like many people say they don't sub "Oppa Unni,you know simple korean calling names," but everyone knows that they are if you watch korean drama.
I usually get it through
I think the last one that I got from them was Save the Last Dance, and Goong. It's pretty pricey, but it's worth the money.

Anonymous said...

Aloha, I'm from Hawaii and have checked your site almost daily since I found it. It is interesting to read about korean stars. I have started watching korean dramas within the past 2 years but my parents have watched korean dramas on television for over 9 years. Majority of Hawaii people have watched korean dramas at one time or another. Coming to Hawaii is like culture shock for caucasion people because the asian culture is so dominant here. The culture is slowly changing with more foreigners and mainlanders deciding to live here.

Anonymous said...

In Hawaii there are Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, as well as caucasions, pacific islanders, etc. I am not korean but grew up eating kimchee, kalbi, as well as other ethnic foods. You can find korean foods/people/markets everywhere in Hawaii. I must say though I tried to rent korean dramas with english subtitles from the korean video stores and many of them do not have them. I watch a lot of videos online.

jane said...

hi orchid~
yes, i purchase mine 4rm the internet. particularly @ the yesasia site.

nikeg said...

oh yea! go hawaii! Ive lived here all my life and I feel i got into it before it got popular with all the (non korean) ahjummas here. i started watching 5 years ago and watched the hallyu wave grow from there. i might be considered an odd ball b/c im now in my 20's and a male, not a female which i think is funny b/c no one introduced kdramas to me. i got introduced to it through channel surfing lol. i have spread the love of kdramas to my frends which is now a full blown korean entertainment addiction (music and movies too) i still dont understand korean but oh well. haha


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