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Sun Lee's a Korean Warrior for 2008 Miss Universe pageant

South Korea's hopeful: Sun Lee wants the Miss Universe 2008 tiara

Sun Lee/ Lee Ji-sun, where's the hanbok?

That's the question most South Koreans are asking after taking a look at Sun Lee's national costume (pic below) for the 2008 Miss Universe pageant.

According to the 25-year-old Korean beauty herself, the costume is a traditional Korean martial arts costume, which was specially designed to enhance her movements during her martial arts dance performance for the competition.

Haiyeeah: 'Come closer for a fatal taste of
my samurai sword!'

The theme of her national costume is A Korean Warrior. The problem is, the Korean Warrior looks oh-so Japanese.

Ines Ligron, the National Director of Miss Universe Japan and Sun Lee's coach, insists that "this costume is not Japanese. It is Korean." And says that she had very little to do in influencing the choice of costume.

However, the overall look had a little help from Ligron.

Did you know?: Ignes Ligron has produced three top five finishes in the
Miss Universe pageants - Miyako Miyazaki (finishing 5th in 2003), Kurara Chibana
(1st Runner-up in 2006) and Riyo Mori (Miss Universe 2007).

She wrote in her blog: "I indeed told her (Sun) to wear this hairstyle because it it beautiful and strong and gives a Kill Bill accent to her costume.

"Sun presented me with a big hairpiece that would have made her costume look more Korean I agree, but she did not look good with it and would have had a hard time to move on stage.

"I told her not to wear it and to wear a high pony tail instead that would highlight her face and would make nice moves when she dances with her sword."

What do you think? Does Sun Lee look too Japanese to represent South Korea in the National Costume category?

Sun Lee is currently in Nha Trang, Vietnam (until July 14) to compete in the beauty pageant.

Sexy: Sun Lee in a sunshine yellow bikini - sizzlin' hawt!

Silk gown: Sun in a flowy number from Etro's
Spring/Summer 2008 collection

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Lee Ji-seon all set for Miss Universe 2008 pageant

Miss Korea vs. Miss Japan
Miss Korea's gown at the 2008 Miss Universe pageant
Miss Korea 2007
Miss Korea, please be modest


Danny Foo said...

Habba habba... :P

amos said...

Who cares about hanbok... Give me Sun Lee.. :D :D

Anonymous said...

uhm is it just me who sees that her sword got caught up on her costume? maybe she should pay more attention to her skill rather than her appearance..

it's just so weird seeing that especially since it's her promotional pic which should specifically showcases her 'natural' talent(?)

piju said...

shes also hot!

janeberryblue said...

dude the lady said so herself that it would give a more 'kill bill' vibe-- which was obviously japanese!

i miss hanbok :(

Anonymous said...

I do think it looks a little 'too' Japanese. In other events it would be fine but the cultural costume competition is designed specifically to showcase the country's clothes....

When I see a National costume, I want to be like - ah...that is a [country]'s national costume. If she wanted to showcase Korean sword dancing, she should've gone with a small tight braided bun and flow-y, light in Hwang-jini.H mm...I feel like Sun Lee may very well lose for being 'too similar' to last year's Miss Japan if anything. No originality.

Anyway, I'd like a Miss Korea to do a fusion fan dance one day...I feel like fan dancing with enormously feathery fans are pretty distinctly Korean and fun to watch.

Giddy Bloom said...

That looks more like hanfu than kimono or hanbok.
Honestly, I think it would not limit her if she had a hanbok on instead. I think since she is representing Korea... it would make more sense.

However, more than half of the world does not know the difference between hanfu, kimono, or hanbok, so it's not going to matter...

Nozomi said...

They could have adapted a hanbok to hel her move more freely. It looks more like something out of a chinese matrial arts movie.

But when her coach mention kill bill a movie deeply inspired by the japanese culture doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Guys, to people who don't know Korean history and culture...

Hanbok has only been part of Korean history for 400 years, which is from Choseon dynasty. Korea has 5000 years of history with 3 major kingdoms prior to Choeson whom each had clothing very different from hanbok.

But even within Choseon era, there are many variations of hanboks according to events and social classes.

What Sun Lee is wearing is custom from Goguryeo. she's representing a GEOMMU, a korean sword dancer.

It's sad that Korean modern media and culture focuses mostly on Choseon dynasty, so other people don't know.

Liz said...

Thanks for the enlightening comment, Anonymous.

Sun Lee must be laughing her head off at the ignorance displayed over the debate of her attire. Hee hee...

Jason said...

Miss Universe is the most important beauty contest in the world, but it's being manipulated by the judges.

Just look at last year's winner: Riyo Mori, from Japan. Natália Guimarães were a lot prettier then her, but just reached second place.

In this video list you can check the top 10 Misses Universe 2007.

Anonymous said...

the last thing this girl needs to do is highlight her face.

Anonymous said...

To jason...yes brazil was prettier..but riyo had spunk and you can tell she is a nice girl. miss brazil last year was a bitch because she didn't even congratulate Riyo and it was documented on video and on paper...Riyo deserved the crown last year better than brazil.


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