Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wonder Girls looking fresh and young

Wonder Girls ditched their leopard prints for their TBJ fan meeting. They seem to be hotter and cuter when they aren't trying so hard. Don't you think so?

Sun Mi and So Hee looking cute at the TBJ fan meeting

Sun Yeh, Yoo Bin and Yeh Eun looking cheerful in their colourful tees

Yoo Bin signs her autograph for a happy fan

Do you like my lashes?

So Hee : "I am so used to dressing in ajumma leopard prints
and la la mui outfits that i feel really weird in this baby-T"

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noV said...

they all look so cute... *pengsan*

noV said...
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Anonymous said...

They do look nicer without being so dressed up. Yoobin's tanned look is nice....logically, I'm sure it's self-tanner (plus there's a certain orange look to her)..but for the most part she looks good tanned.

Photomofo said...

They look so much better like this!

Sun Mi looks adorable

Anonymous said...

i always thought that this group had the least attractive girls, but when they're more natural and yes, not trying so hard, they're actually cute! too bad they'll have to go back to those cheap leopard suits again...

Valerie said...

sunmi has HUGE eyes! she's such a cutie with her long eye lashes, bangs, and pigtails. and i LOVE sunye's new haircut really works for her. she looks good. all of them look good and are the cutest out there! it's like So Nyeo who? they're the epitome of 'aegyo.'

JYP done `em good. he's clever. we haven't seen something from him that has become soo successful since Rain. well, in my opinion.

i'm really torn between them and big bang to win for the VMAs in Malaysia. it would be so so awesome to watch them perform 'tell me.'

nikeg said...

dont worry valerie... wg are eons away from winning and big bang needs a huge cluster of votes probably to catch suju... yoobin and sunye *drool* they look so similar now except for the tan... not like that is a bad thing at all haha

Anonymous said...

damn those fobs. bad taste. there are better looking girls than that... ten fold.

-XioN- said...

they look niceyyy... :D

Anonymous said...

I really hope Big Bang wins! They are the true talent compared to the other nominees!

BeLL~in~KL said...

to anonymous: yoobin didnt tanned's her original colour.if she did tanned herself,she wouldn't have said that she's not really fond of her skin colour and wanted to be Snow White for a day.she also said that parts of her body have different shades of colour..LOL!

all their TBJ's photos always look good..

btw,you guys should really watch the Star Show with the WG at YTube(with sub of coz!).You'll get to know them better.Their Love Message to their family was really sad especially Sunye's.I cried watching them!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

( So Hee : "I am so used to dressing in ajumma leopard prints
and la la mui outfits that i feel really weird in this baby-T" )

la la mui outfits ?
leopard prints is high fashion
in case u don't knw what is fashion. So do u mean John Galliano, Alexander Mcqueen, YSL and other designer's taste are lala too ? because they are one hell big fans of leopard prints as well..


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